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Easter Recap

I know that Easter was almost a week ago, but I'm sharing my recap with you all anyway.  I wanted to get it up on Tuesday but I was busy preparing for my trip to Lake Junaluska among other things.  Anyways, we started our Easter weekend on Saturday.  My baby sister and I had decided that Friday that it would be cool let the kids make their own Easter baskets this year.

So, we headed off to the Dollar Tree and WalMart to pick up baskets, candy and other goodies.  I think we spent $25 for everything to make three baskets.  Saturday came it the kids were thrilled about together own baskets.

Moo's Basket of Goodies

JJ's favorite part was playing with the plastic grass.  We kind of had to hurry and get everything into the baskets because he kept picking the grass out and throwing it in the air like confetti.  He thought it was just too funny.  But in the end all the baskets turned out well.

Finished baskets.  Had to use the hair dryer to shrink the plastic.

Moo was up bright and early Sunday morning.  She was dying to open up her basket despite knowing what was already in it.  Don't just love that about kids?  However, I made her wait until after breakfast and we got dress to open it.  If she had opened it beforehand, she wouldn't have been able to focus on anything else the rest of the morning.

Enjoying a little bubbles and doll house fun.

I kept the Easter attire simple this year.  We were still down at my mom's and I couldn't find anything dressy in any of the stores.  So, I settled for a new polo for JJ paired with khakis and a tiered woven print dress by Healthtex and leggings for Moo.  I'm definitely going to shop in advance or pull out the sewing machine next year.

How cute my maxi dress?!

Needless to say I didn't like the dress I had to wear. So, I went 'shopping' in my sister's closet.  I love florals on clothing and had been asking to wear this maxi dress for a while.  And it just so happens that she had mentioned she couldn't fit in it anymore.  I decided to give it another pop of color by pairing it with my pink Charlotte Rouse wedges.  I got them from Goodwill in Myrtle Beach for $3!  They looked to be brand new because there was no signs of them having been worn on the bottoms!

And yes, I'm trying out long hair and bangs now.  I really like the bangs and the highlights (will have to do a close up of those later).  Church was not what I expected.  It was like it wasn't even Easter.  Half the kids didn't do their  Easter speeches and for the first time in years we didn't do an Easter dinner after service.  And they had moved the egg hunt to the day before and didn't bother to call people until the last minute.

So, I think that next year I won't bother trying to make it to my church in  my hometown but give Easter at our new church a try instead.  I heard they really did Easter right and everyone had a great time.  But oh well.  Overall, Easter is about Jesus' Resurrection and I'm thankful that I got to celebrate that and give thanks to him for paying the price for our sins!

How was your Easter?


  1. I think their outfits were cute! Our church back at home would go all out for Easter too. Easter speeches, egg hunts and dinner after service! I really miss home during holidays. Our church here is very laid back. None of the kids were overly dressed and their parents weren't either. Next year I'm not going to focus on what we all wear as much. Instead I'll put that energy into teaching my oldest more about Jesus and the real story of Easter. Your new look is amazing by the way! :-)

    1. Thanks. Had to switch it up a little bit.

  2. Very cute springy maxi dress!!! Looks like you all had a great time.

    1. Thanks. I did. Nothing like holidays spent with family!

  3. Sounds like fun. It's great you had the kids make their own baskets...may try that next year with my daughter.
    Our Easter was cool..spent it with my friend and her family which have become family and we all had a great time!

    1. They had a blast making their own baskets. This is definitely a tradition that we will be keeping.