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Thankful Thursday

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone."
~G. B. Stern 

I couldn't agree more with Mr Stern.  I'm still down in my hometown visiting with family.  While I've been here, I have definitely had lots of help with the kids and a nice break from cooking.  A mom could get use to this for real.   Anyways, I've been making sure to verbally express my gratitude.

I am beyond thankful for my baby sister who has been taking up so much time with Moo this week.  JJ is getting the rest of his teeth in and has been clued to me.  That's been leaving Moo feeling a little left out but my sister has done a fantastic job of helping with bedtime and entertaining her throughout the day.  Every parent dreams of that one person who loves their children the way that they love them and for me my baby sister is that person.

Her love is truly unconditional when it comes to Moo and JJ.  She always takes up so much time with each them.  She knows them equally as well as I do.  And honestly, I think that is why they love her so much.  This is such a blessing to have been given.

I'm thankful that things are going well with my aunt.  They had to postpone her surgery but she is still in good spirits.  She's not letting her condition make her a charity case.  She's still getting up doing her usual things and going about her life as she has been since I was child.  I admire for being so brave and so strong.

I thank God for this precious time that He continues to give us with her.  I know that she has many more years of living on this Earth to do.  I am confident that her surgery is going to well.  She's such a survivor and if you ever met her, you'd definitely know she was a fighter!

I'm thankful for the opportunity to do something nice for an elderly lady who has sort of become like a grandmother to me.  I haven't spent more than 4 hours at a time with woman but when we first met, we just clicked.  I thought if I had the chance to pick out who my grandmother was, she would be it.  She's bossy, very opinionated and she doesn't take any shit!

Everything about her resonates leadership, compassion and love.  And she's completely smitten with Moo.  Has been for four years now.  Well, her children recently made the choice to put her in the nursing home since they don't live close by and she's been getting sick.  So, I've decided to crochet her a lovely blanket so that she'll have something to remember me and the kids by.

I can't wait to see the look on her face when I take it to her.  If I was rich, I wouldn't think twice about hiring a nurse and springing her from that nursing home she's in.  She's turning 91 this year and it makes me sad knowing that her time left on this Earth is limited.  I don't have many grandparent figures that I look up to and I hate that my kids haven't spent nearly enough time to get to truly know her or remember her when they're older.  However, at least I have this tiny token of appreciation that I can give to her to let her know how loved she is by me.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Thank you for the inspiration in reflecting on what I am thankful for. My sister is also a person that loves my daughter just as much as I do. We have some great younger sisters! :)