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Thankful Thursday

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."
~Melody Beattie 

Happy Thankful Thursday!  Can you all believe that today is the last day of January?  This month didn't go by too fast for me.  I'm thankful that I was able to enjoy each day and be more in the moment with my family.  I'm looking forward to having even more quality time for my family and continuing to live each day to the fullest next month.

I'm thankful that JJ's bruise is pretty much completely gone. There's like a dot the size of an ink pen tip left.  I'm also thankful that he hasn't had any more accidents.  However, we've been close.  For example, this morning he decided I was moving too slow and tried to climb of the bed alone.  He could care less that the distance from the top of the mattress to actual floor is about 3 feet and a some change.

Over the side he went.  Good thing my reflexes are good.  And I'm thankful that we co-sleep because I couldn't imagine waking up to him having taken a spill over the side of his crib.  Yes, he's strong enough to flip himself over the edge of his crib.  The Mr didn't believe me until one day we put him in it and JJ decided he was not feeling it and flipped right over the front.  At least we know he has good upper body strength.

I'm thankful that JJ is starting to get more vocal.  Among his favorite words are "stop," "candy," and "cook" (cookie).  I'm thankful that his teeth have come in.  He's the proud owner of ten pearly white chompers now.  And he's not shy about using them, especially on his sister.  We're still working on the whole not-biting-when-you-get-mad thing.

I'm thankful that I got to see my baby sister yesterday!  I love that kid like she was my own.  Our bond is so strong.  We tell each other everything.  And she truly has unconditional love for my kids.  No matter her mood, if I've needed her to help out with Moo or JJ, she has.  Likewise they are completely nuts about her too.

I'm thankful that this week has been very productive.  Yes, I haven't been able to blog as much but that's because I've been busy creating inventory for Moo's Closet and I got a few custom orders!!  I can't wait to snap pics of everything and get up on the Etsy shop and the Moo's Closet Facebook and Website pages.  Yes, I've decided to expand and give customers multiple platforms to order from because not everyone has an Etsy account or wants to open one.

One of my creations

I'm thankful for all the positive responses and comments I've received from my Bible 365 posts.  I was a little worried about blogging about the Bible at first because I didn't want to come off as holier than thou.  You start talking about God and people automatically think you're not as fun as you used to be or that you can't mess up.  Well, not the case here.  I'm still fun and I still make mistakes.  

The whole purpose of Bible 365 is for me to grow in my faith and getting a better understanding of the life I should be leading and teaching my children to lead.  It's a learning process.  I'll still stumble like everyone else, but hopefully a little bit less because I'll be making a more conscious decision about my actions and words.

I'm thankful for my loving husband.  He's been so supportive of me!  He saw me crocheting away this week and gave me the idea of trying to approach some stores about maybe selling some of my Moo's Closet merchandise.  I have to tell you the thought is a bit a scary but I've definitely been toying with the idea and have a proposal letter and speech rolling around in my head.  I've been checking out what locally owned stores are in our area that could be potential buyers for creations.  

I'm starting to get excited and less nervous about talking with some of these shop owners.  So, please keep me in prayer.  This will be a huge undertaking.  However, all things are possible with God, faith and action

What's on your gratitude list?


  1. On my gratitude list is that my mom has bounced back perfectly from the heart attack she had last month. Im glad that God granted me much more time with her.

    1. God is good! Glad to hear that your mom has made a recovery!

  2. Here from the Niche Mommy Community and so glad you posted this there. So few of us take a moment each day just to give thanks. At noon each day BB tries to post on Tweety/Feibu a "Gigasecond of Gratitude". Just a short reminder to all of us, that if the gracias is heartfelt it only takes a gigasecond to say and share it. For my part I take this moment to thank all those who've supported my dreams towards public speaking.

    I know your dreams of Moo's closet will come true. Go ahead and approach those stores too- what's the worse that can happen, that they say no? As long as you come home to those that surround you with "yes" you are truly a success.


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I completely feel you on being thankful for support. Following your dreams is scary and it really means a lot when you have people supporting you and motivating you.

  3. Good luck to you with the shop! I am grateful for a strong marriage. We just celebrated 19 years this week! I am in such a good place in my life and am so thankful for it all... good and bad :)

    1. Congrats on 19 years of marriage! That is truly a rarity in this society. Wishing you all many more years of wedded bliss.

  4. SO glad that JJ is better. Boys will be boys. My J loves to climb and jump off of everything. I think he always has some kind of bump, bruise, or scratch. What do ya do?!

    And great news about Moo's of luck to you!

    1. Yes, they will. Hopefully, he'll tone it down a little bit with his dare devil stunts though.