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Manicure Monday: Toad-ally Amazing

So, I'm really in the hang of painting my nails now.  Even the Mr is noticing.  This week I decided to try out Toad-ally Amazing from Wet & Wild's Spoiled collection.  I've had this polish for almost a year and this is my first time using it on my own nails.  I painted Moo's nails with it twice.

Overall, I like the color.  I reminds me of a sea foam green with a hint of blue.  There's also some shimmer or very fine glitter in it.  So, your nails sparkle really nice in the lights.  You will definitely need to do at least two coats.  In fact, my only complaint about this polish is that it's really thin.  I did two coats and some of my nails still had a few thin spots but I didn't have time to add a third coat.

It's done really well on chipping.  Today is Day 3 and there's a little chipping, but I do wash my hands a lot with hot water.  Also, I handwash my dishes.  So, that's contributed to the chipping too.  But I've been hearing a lot of wonderful things about those gel polish top coats.  I might visit my CVS and see if I can find one.  That might help to preserve my manicures longer.

But this is a nice polish to have.  It dries glossy and feels really smooth.  I think I purchased this from Dollar General for a $1.  So, it's inexpensive.  And speaking of Dollar General, they do carry Wet & Wild and have a great selection.  You can find of the funkier and out of the box colors there.  They have a neon yellow that glows in the dark that I'm wanting to try out when Spring gets here.  Be sure to head over to Lipgloss & Binky to link up!


  1. Love thee color. WetNWild has really stepped up their game lately. Their megalast polished rival the quality or my favorite Essie.

  2. i love this color. i just got a similar wet n wild color.

  3. cute color. i just bought a similar wet n wild polish.

  4. Hold up!!!!! Dollar General for $1... can't BEAT THAT!!!! I will be checking my local DG store! That color is cute!


  5. That color gives off a nice, crisp and cool feeling. Great for this season. Nice!

  6. I love blues when they have a hint of gray. I have been known to hit up the Dollar General and stores of the like for cheap polish. Mine even sells E.L.F.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. I like that color, I didn't know I could get nail polish from Dollar General. Thanks!