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4 Already

Dear Moo,

I don't know where to begin.  You'd think that having three of these under my belt with you and one with your brother that I'd be used to this by now.  However, each year as your birthday rolls around, I find myself feeling even more unprepared and more emotional than the previous birthday.  Maybe, one of these days I'll get it together.  Don't hold me to that of course.

Your fourth birthday got here a lot quicker than I or your daddy expected.  Over the last year you've gotten much taller.  You're really starting to outgrow clothes quickly.  You're already in sizes 5T and 6T.  Let's not even get started talking about how fast your feet are growing.  We went to bed one night and they were size and then woke the next morning and we had to get you new shoes.

You and your brother are as thick as thieves!  I love how you've accepted him and taken him under your wing.  For example, you've taught how to use the cabinets as his imaginary spaceships.  He's taken up your love for scribbling all over paper as well as ripping it up and then tossing it in the air like snow.

Watching you two together is my favorite thing to do everyday by far.  The love you have for him is beyond amazing.  I hope that as you continue to get older you'll always make time for him.  He adores you to pieces.

You've really come out of your shell a lot. I think that might have something to do with your brother as well.  You're much more used to being surrounded by other kids and interacting with them.  You're smarter than most kids your age.  I know all parents probably say that, but it's true.

You're counting almost past twenty by yourself, singing nursery rhymes (and Mary Mary), getting better at coloring in the lines, learning to write your name and you know all your colors.  You've even picked up a little Spanish.  So, excited about that because I love the Spanish culture and language.  That'll give us something else to bond over during those moody teenage years.

Love, affection and compassion are definitely traits of your personality.  If someone is sad, you try your best to cheer them up.  And you're the best hugger ever!  Seriously, I can never get enough your special Mommy Hugs.  

There's so much more I want to put in this letter but I'll save it for another.  I'm just in such of awe of you my darling Moo.  I can't thank you enough for making me feel like such an incredible mom.  You're first born.  Thank you for hanging in here as I continue to wing and experiment my way through motherhood!

I loved you before I met you; I loved after I birthed you; I love you now that I'm raising you and I'll love you forever.