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2012 Recap

2013 is only hours away YUMMs!  And I for one am very excited.  I'm a firm believer that just as each day is a new page to start anew, each year is a new book for you to write.  I can't complain too much because I am a little sad to see this year go.  2012 was a pretty good year for me and YUMMommy.

I started off this year wanting to be a published author and I did that. Pick up a copy of the book if you haven't by the way.  And if you have be sure to leave us a review on Amazon!  Moving along..that really motivated me to get even more serious about following my dreams.  It feels really good to be published somewhere outside of a blog.

And speaking of blogs, YUMMommy turned two this year.  That's a milestone because a lot of the blogs that I started out following have actually closed or been abandoned.  I tell anyone who's interested in starting a blog that you have to be in it for the enjoyment first.  If you're blogging just for FREE stuff or because everybody else is doing it then you'll get burnt out fast.  

The Mr and I celebrated 7 years of being together!  That's a long time for a relationship in today's society.  I'm looking forward to celebrating year 8 in a month and some change.  JJ had his first birthday this year too!  Needless to say it was an emotional day for me because my little prince had crossed over to toddlerhood.

And how can I forget about my feature in JET Magazine?!  It was hands down the best thing to happen to YUMMommy this year!  I was beyond thrilled to be featured in a national publication, especially one that I grew up seeing in my household.  This feature really took my blog from getting a couple hundred page views a month to now getting a couple thousand.

I got a chance to attend my first ever blog conference this past summer.  I had such a blast and got to meet some of my blogging icons!  I was in fan heaven being surrounded by so many other successful bloggers.  I'm forever grateful to Alicia from Mommy Delicious and the lovely folks at Coca Cola for proving me with this wonderful opportunity.  

I found out that sometimes you don't always get what you pay for.  It was a learning experience to always read the fine print and know to not ever trust these big companies.  They will take your money and then screw you over without any explanations whatsoever.

This past October, the East Coast took a beating from Hurricane Sandy.  But before that JJ took one of his scariest spills thanks in his bouncer seat.  November was a little rough because I had to cut some people that I really cared about and loved out of my life.  I didn't talk about too much on the blog but what I will say is that I won't ever stand for being lied on to my face!

I won't ever keep people in my life who will degrade me or my husband to my face and in front of my children with their words.  And most importantly, I will not be surrounding myself with people who when presented with evidence that proves a lie is a lie refuse to accept it and continue going along with the lie.  So, for those reasons my support system lost a few members.

On a happier note, my Moo turned four earlier this month.  Yes, I cried.  It's been beyond words watching her grow.  She's my first born and  in many ways my first true love.  That kid saved me when I was drowning in a place darker than midnight.  She pulled me from the ledge.

I got to see our President get reelected this year.  I also saw what a great set of friends I had.  This past election really revealed some people's true colors.  And let's just say they weren't pretty.

Overall, while I didn't get to do everything I wanted to in 2012, I certainly did a lot of extra stuff that made up for it.  I certainly feel that I am better positioned to reach a higher level of success for 2013.  And I just want to thank each and every one of you for rocking with me and holding me down this year.  It's been humbling and a true blessing.  And because I know that nobody is going to be on the blogs the closer it gets to midnight, I just want to say that wish you nothing but love, joy and abundance in 2013!

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  1. Many blessings to you for the New Year you accomplished so much and I hope that you accomplish everything you set out to do for the New Year.

  2. It's been a great year for you, lovely. Thanks for going to Atlanta on behalf of Mommy Delicious. You rock. Times three! (I gave you a nod over on the site for my year-in-review).

    1. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

  3. You have had an amazing year!! Happy new Year to you!