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Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful that things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the blogs are getting back to normal.  Phew!  The holidays are coming up and we should be updating our statuses and posting about cheery things.  I for one am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  I'm thankful that I'll be spending it with my husband.

This will be the first Thanksgiving where it'll just be us and the kids.  Change happens and we're rolling with it.  The most important thing is that my honey won't be without his family like he has been these past four Thanksgivings.  We'll get to watch the parades and rattle pots together! LOL

I'm thankful that it was warm enough for the kids and I to get out in the yard and play this afternoon.  They really needed to burn off some pent up energy.  I was in such awe of the beautiful scenery around us.  Like not to get all preachy but it's amazing to see that God made views so gorgeous.

View from my front yard

I've been working on a blanket and I'm thankful that it is coming along well.  It was originally suppose to be listed in Moo's Closet, but Moo has become very attached to it.  She keeps asking me if I'm done with 'her' blanket every five minutes.  When I told her yesterday that it wasn't for her, she started crying a bit.  So, since most of the items in my shop are made to order, I'll just use this blanket at a display model and list it as made to order as well.

Great color combo huh?

I'm also thankful for the surprise check I got on Tuesday!  It felt a little like Christmas and my birthday.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Thanks GOODNESS people are starting to get back to normal!

    And yes, love that color combo!!

    1. Yes, they could use some normal after everything that they've had to endure. Just makes you grateful for the blessings you have.

  2. I love that blanket! You're so talented, wish I knew where to even start to make those lol. My daughter has two that family members made when she was born and they're so warm, I wish people made them in adult sizes lmao.

    1. I taught myself. And I make adult sizes. Moo's will be adult size so that it will grow with her.