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Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Today is a very important day for us as Americans.  Today is the day for all those 18 and over to get out and  let your voice be heard through your vote!  I can't begin to stress how important it is to not be content to just sit home on your bum.  When you don't vote, you're gambling not only with your future but your family's future as well.

Today, we're not just voting for who our next president should be.  We're voting on congressional representatives, policies and some states are voting on gay marriage.  I urge you to take a few minutes to read up on each candidate and vote for the one whose platform you feel in your heart is best.  Voting is good but an informed vote is better.

I voted early and I am glad that my voice was heard.  I'm blessed to have had my kids there to witness the process. Exercising their right to vote is definitely something I want them to be passionate about it.  We love to look at the Civil Rights Movement as being something that happened way back when.  However, if you think about it's not that far back.  Heck, in some ways we're still fighting for equality.

My women certainly know how hard it is to be considered equal.  We're constantly being referred to as the weaker sex or too emotional or too soft.  Well, ladies make sure you speak up at the polls.  I'm hoping the next time we vote for President, we'll be electing our very first female president into office.  Yes, I'm keeping hope alive on that!

There's just so much riding on your votes.  There are so many people who sacrificed their lives, safety and families to get us to this day.  Please, please, please go and voice your opinion and concerns through your vote today.  And if you know of someone without a ride, volunteer to take them to the polls with you.  

Be an example. Be a light. Vote!

Source: MS Clipart


  1. I loved you statement, "Voting is good, but an informed vote is better." Many people just choose things on the ballot because od political party without having studies the issue or the cause of the decision. Great post!

    1. I totally agree. Many young people are not informed. It's good to see more young people voting but it seems like it was just the thing to do...a trend just to post a pic on fb or ig. I couldn't help but wonder if they really knew what was going on. Especially with the local elections, they or we need to do a better job of breaking down the issues.

    2. Yes, a lot of people feel like they just have to vote for candidates only affiliated with their political party but that's not true. Sometimes, there are candidates from the opposing party that has a better platform and changes to bring forth.

      I would love to see more candidates making sure that their platforms are broken down in to simple English and targeting young voters in effort to make sure they know exactly what they're voting for. In addition, I want young voters to start being more proactive and start fact checking instead of just taking these politician's words on their track records.