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Let The Countdowns Begin

Can you believe that December is just days away?!  That means that 2013 is not far behind.  Wow, I feel like I blinked and this year was gone.  Anyways, we've started our countdowns.  December is a huge month for us.

Moo's birthday comes first.  Can't believe that in a few days I'll be saying that I'm the mother of a four year old.  It's just hard to believe.  This whole motherhood thing is still so surreal some times.  I don't take one moment of it for granted. 

I turn the big 2-7 next month too!  I'm not really freaking out with only 3 years left before I hit 30.  Getting older just doesn't bother me like it does others.  I welcome it.  I look it as a blessing to have survived another year on this earth when so many I know have passed on already.

No big plans for the birthday.  Just being my little family will be celebration enough.  I will be doing it up for the 30th birthday though.  Please believe a plan is the works for that.  They involve passports and most likely a nanny!

And of course, today is the one month till Christmas mark!!  Super excited.  Not just because of the presents, but I genuinely enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus!  He is the ultimate gift of love.  Plus, the shows are more positive around Christmas time.  I've been avoiding cable and rewatching old seasons of Vampire Diaries and reading library books. 

This garbage these networks have on tv now days just isn't fitting to be watched.  There are a few good shows though.  However, once they go off back to Vampire Diaries or my books I go.  I'm also looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner with the Mr and baking cookies with Moo.

Speaking of Moo, she's informed me that I can't be a Santa anymore.  Why?  Because I'm not a man.  Only Daddy can be Santa.  Glad we got that straight.  So, when she's missing a gift off her Christmas list, it'll be because she gave the list to me and not Daddy.

Also happy to report that our tree is still standing.  JJ has been tugging and pushing on it something fierce.  Thank goodness for his chair and distracting toys.  Our tree is already on its last leg, but I want it to last until I can hit up an after Christmas sale and a get a fuller prelit tree for at least 75% off.

Last but not least New Year's Eve will be here in a little over a month.  Not sure what are plans will be.  Might try to go out and watch some fireworks Uptown.  Hopefully, we don't waste our gas like last year.  There were absolutely no fireworks Uptown.  Think I might need to send out a special request letter to the city or something to make sure.

Are you counting down?


  1. LOL... don't you just LOVE when they give you the Christmas List & NOT Daddy!!!!! I'm sooo counting down. I haven't put our tree up yet but hopefully I can get to it this week!!!!


    1. Next year Daddy will certainly be getting the Christmas list since I've been demoted from being a Santa! LOL

  2. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. When is your b-day? I'll be 27 next month too! :) I was just reading your comments on my blog and I have decided that you would make a wonderful therapist or counselor.
    Lol at Moo and Santa! I'm sure she'll take you back as Santa soon.

    1. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. I didn't you know you were a December baby. Mines is the 19th. And believe it or not I've thought about being a therapist before.

  3. Dude... I cannot believe it's almost December! That's totally cray cray! I have so much to do before then -- oye!

    How was your Thanksgiving?!

    1. Thanksgiving was great. Hopefully, you got everything accomplished on your list.