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11 Days

Why didn't someone tell me that there were only 11 more days until Thanksgiving?  Here I was posting about how I'm excited to be celebrating Thanksgiving with the Mr this and I didn't even realize it'll be here next Thursday!  For some reason I was thinking that Thanksgiving wasn't until the 29th and it's really the 22nd.  Needless, to say I haven't been looking at turkey or ham prices.

Thankfully, I happened to be glancing at the calendar this morning while making breakfast.  I quickly through together a shopping list since I already had our menu made out and posted on the frig.  I skimmed a few sales papers and flipped through my coupons.  Then after the kids and I finished eating we got dressed and hightailed it to the stores.

Moo was super excited to be going food shopping.  What can I say, my kids love to eat!  And Moo loves to cook and be out of the house.  She's an adventurous spirit, which is why her first name suits her.  Plus, she loves the feeling of being mommy's little helper.  It makes her feel like such a big girl and special because JJ is too young to do it.

Today she was really great at making sure I got everything on my list.  Every time I put something the buggy she would ask "Is it on your list Mommy?"  And she was better at resisting the huge to throw a million and one snacks into the buggy.  Instead, she asked if her chips were on the list.  They weren't but I put them on there and said yes so she wouldn't be sad.

Her response was "Oh thank you, Mommy!"  My heart melted a little bit because as of lately she's thanking me for a lot of little things like doing her hair, making her favorite dinner or taking her to the library.  I'm telling you we adults can learn a thing or two from our mini mes.   What made today even better is that I was able to get everything I needed for Thanksgiving except the turkey, ham and collard greens for under $40!!  Yep!

Don't be afraid to shop multiple stores.  And don't sleep on the dollar stores either.  They carry a few name brand products that are cheaper than the grocery store.  Plus, their store brand products often tastes equal or even better than big name stuff and is half the cost.  Overall, I'm glad I was able to get everything and now I can focus on watching these turkey and ham prices drop.

I wish we had a deep freezer because I would buy two turkeys and two hams and save one set for Christmas.  Oh well, maybe I can keep my eye on those too and hope a find a good deal on one.

Have you done your Thanksgiving dinner shopping yet?


  1. I haven't done my shopping yet and I had a moment like you the other day. I feel like it'll be here before I know it and I have some things to do. I just need to make a to-do list and hit it one day at a time.

    1. It certainly would have been here before I knew it because I had the dates all mixed up. And having my list really helped. I will be glad cross everything off!

  2. She is too cute. My son thanks me for the smallest things too and it does melt your heart.

    1. It just proves that life is and should be about the simple things. I'm going to my hardest to make sure she keeps this trait.