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Thankful Thursday

As of late, I've been feeling very blessed.  I'm not trying to brag because it has nothing to do with material things.  I've just been feeling blessed on an emotional level if that makes any sense.   It's like this week a cloud parted and I was seeing my life through clear eyes.  And in this clarity, I've gain a whole new level of thankfulness.

I know I've mentioned it a million times already on here, but I'm thankful that JJ is walking.  I haven't shared this on the blog but we were really worried if he was going to be walking any time soon because the pediatrician discovered that one of his legs has more muscle density than other.  They wanted to give him a chance to start walking before any tests were ordered.  It's not common for one side of our bodies to be stronger than other but their concern was that neither side would be strong enough to hold his weight and enable him to walk unassisted.

Thank goodness that wasn't the case.  I'm tell you this motherhood thing comes with a few scares every now and then.  I wouldn't trade my motherhood status for anything in the world though.  And I'm thankful for that too because I hear and know a few moms who REGRET having had their kids period.  They say motherhood wasn't what they thought it would be or how media made it look.

I try to sympathize with them, but a part of me is like duh nothing is ever what it seems with the media.  No two experiences in motherhood will be exactly alike.  I'm thankful that my childhood and just my ability to remain open minded helped to go into motherhood with only one expectation-being a great mom.  I feel for any mom who raises a child that they regret having.  I also feel for the kids because on some level those kids feel that regret and as they get older they will recognize it and not feel good about themselves.

I'm thankful that I finally got my iPhone!  Just when I thought the drama was over because we decided to leave Sprint, we got drama from AT&T about not being able to port my same number over to my new phone.  Now, I have hundreds of business cards with my number on it and I've just sent out proposals with my this number on it.  There was no way not having this number was an option.  

Long story short, we're now with Verizon and I didn't have to wait 15 to 21 days for my phone.  They had it in stock at the store.  Thanks LeeAnn from over at Life of Rylie and Bryce Too for the suggestion that we go with Verizon.  You were right.  They are much better.  Great customer service, plans, the works.  I miss my EVO, but I'm quickly falling love with my iPhone.

I'm thankful that I get to help my older sister plan her wedding.  I adore her fiance and love that he's really big on family.  He welcomed Moo and I with open arms during our almost three month stay in New Orleans.  I can't wait to go back and see if Moo still remembers him because she had grown a little fond of him when she was a baby.  

Most importantly, I'm thankful that my sister has found love again.  She went through a lot in her previous marriage and I know most young women would have just sworn off love completely.  This just goes to show you that sometimes you have to go through a few frogs to get to your prince.  Funny thing alert:  We were talking about the open bar last night and Moo says "Well, the kids need an open bar too Mommy!"

I thought I was going to die laughing.  She thought it was something similar to the monkey bars.  Oh the innocence of kids.  Thank goodness she's forgotten about the open bar and has mentioned it this morning.  I'm thankful that we got invited to a private screening for the new Disney movie Secret of the Wings.  Moo has been asking to see it since they started airing the commercials.  She's going to be stoked to see this weekend.

Do you have anything to be thankful for this week? Share it with us in the comments.


  1. So glad that everything worked out with JJ! What a relief for you, I'm sure. And I am also an Apple fan...don't have the new one yet, but will soon :)

  2. I'm glad things are doing good for you all. Happy for baby JJ!
    And yes motherhood isn't easy. For those mothers who look back with regret--shame on them. I'm usually quite empathetic but I cannot see empathy in this situation.
    If they are not enjoying motherhood perhaps they're doing things wrong-- valuing things improperly.
    What job will you ever get paid in hugs, kisses, laughs, and smiles.
    Motherhood is trying, worrisome, yet AMAZING!
    Okay sorry for that Rant.