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Romance Wednesday: Throwing Down

You know the saying "The best way to a man's heart is through is stomach?"  Well, that's true.  Now, I know we all can't get down like the Neelys but I'm here to tell you that a little effort goes a long way sometimes.  Over the years, I've learned that my husband really appreciates and notices how much I appreciate him when I make his favorite dishes.

Corn w/ green beans, my secret recipe hot wings, French bread topped with  fresh mozarella, baby tomatoes and onion, plain wings (for the kids) and rice.
More importantly, I've worked hard to perfect the dishes and make them to his taste preference.   For example, I like my homemade macaroni to have a little onion in it with bacon sprinkled on top.  However, my husband is not a fan of onion and he has to watch his bacon intake. So, most of the time I'll leave out the onion and if he's had bacon for breakfast, I'll leave that off too.

There's no one key to a successful relationship or marriage.  It takes a combination of things.  And food is one of them.  I always say that love is more of an action than an emotion.  So, I show my love for my husband by throwing down in the kitchen.  

Granted I throw down harder some days more than others but at the end of the day, he knows that part of the reason I cook on daily basis is him.  And likewise there are plenty of times that he goes out of his way to cook for me.  I have to admit that he has all my favorite dishes memorized and executes them to perfection.  

And then there are times we cook together.  Yep, we get all Pat and Gina Neely every so often.  It's part of what keeps our marriage strong, interesting and moving forward.  So, I'm saying you have to be Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart but surprising your wife/husband with one or two of their favorite dishes every so often could have it's benefits.

Do you cook for your spouse? Does your spouse cook for you?


  1. Great post! I love cooking for my husband too. We like completely different things so he always appreciates it when I make his favorite meal.

    1. My husband and I were the same. But now cooking for each other, we've both grown to like certain dishes that only one of us may have enjoyed before.

  2. Daily basis I am still working on. I know he would appreciate it and he's really good not complaining about it though. I do feel like food is key as well. It always brings us together. Whether I made it or not. HAHAHA

    1. LOL. Yea, I had to work on cooking on a daily basis too. We ate out a lot pre-kids. Now, I find myself preferring to eat in and cook. Plus the kids are getting to age where they can both help out.