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Riding Snug With Graco

Today I had the pleasure of joining the Urban Princess (we met in college & the rest is history) from over at Frugal Fashionista Style at the Graco Safety event at Babies R' Us.  With kiddies in tow, we got to get an up close and hands on look at the SnugRide® Click Connet™ 40, Graco's newest addition to their line of infant seats.  And when I say this infant seat is sweet, I am it is swagged out to the max!

Sorry for the far away pick but JJ was having a meltdown.  That's Moo to the side.
The only newborn to 2 year old infant/toddler car seat on the market, the SnugRide® has 8 reclining positions, a no re-thread harness that allows the headrest to be adjusted as your child grows without having to take a loose the straps (yay!), a 5-point, front adjusting harness, harness covers (removable), an adjustable footrest (love), head and body cushions (removable) and more.  This car seat even comes with a special preemie body insert to provide extra support and comfort for premature babies.  Seriously, this is the king of all car seats.  I mean where was this car seat when I was preggers with JJ? 

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I can't imagine that Graco or any other car seat manufacturer could do any better than this car seat.  When I saw the footrest that just took the cake.  With a starting price point of $219.99, I will certainly be looking into getting one of these when the time comes for us to have number three!  I was hoping to win one today but a lovely pregnant mom in our group won it.  We couldn't be mad because her little bundle of joy is due pretty soon and the infant seat was one of the few things she had left to get.  Plus, she had such a bubbly and fun personality.

I highly encourage all my moms-to-be to check out any of the SnugRide® models from Graco because you won't be disappointed.  And I'm not just saying this because I went to their event.  This recommendation is coming from me because I've purchased Graco infant seats, toddler seats and strollers for both of my children.  I've been very happy with the performance and durability of all of them!

What is or would be your ultimate feature in an infant/toddler seat?

Disclaimer:  I was not asked to write about this event or the SnugRide®, nor was I compensated in any way.  Graco is a brand that I use personally and truly believe in.  All opinions above are 100% my own.


  1. i have a Summer stroller and just love how easy the straps are...it's a one touch system...it's brilliant!

    1. I love any product that makes my job as a mom easier and makes my kids safer! We have a one touch stroller too and it's been a godsend!