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Mind Right Monday

This past week I did much better with checking my goals off my list.  We made it to storytime not just on time, but a bit early.  I wrote in my prayer journal everyday and did a devotional/Bible study 5 out of 7 days.  And I was able to post everyday!

Yep, I posted 7 out of 7 days.  I even revived my Soul Food Sunday posts.  Moo's Closet is up and running.  I stopped finding excuses and finally listed my first item.  The first step to success is well...taking a step. And I did.  I've also been good at drinking more water. No coffee or tea this week!

My goals for this week are:

    1. Put up more listings on Moo's Closet

    2. Post everyday

    3. Workout 3 nights/days (failed at this last week)

    4. Finish up my library books

    5. Get Thanksgiving decorations and purchase new Christmas ornaments (JJ broke quite a few last year)

    I am grateful for:

    • The Mr's birthday coming up this week

    • JJ is more stable walking

    • Moo taking up more time to play with JJ

    • Moo and JJ not digging as much with things they shouldn't

    • Food bloggers and Instragram recipes

    • Pinterest

    • My iPhone

    • Blog sponsors

    • HTML5 For Dummies (I made both my lists using HTML code!)

    • What are your goals for the next 7 days?


      1. I would like to make sure we are going over letters, numbers, colors and shapes more. I want to walk everyday this week. I need to clip coupons. I also need to drink lots more water.

        1. Great goals. Hopefully, you will get everything checked off your list!

      2. Girl I'm with you on wanting to workout at least 3x during the week. Goodluck to us lol *sigh*

        1. Good luck to us indeed. I'm so thankful for this On Demand fitness channel. Hopefully, this Zumba won't kill me. LOL

      3. This is a good idea, instead of planning all these long term goals weekly goals should be easier to check off. Love your greatfuls list.

        1. It is much easier. You can break long term goals in smaller ones and watch monitor your progress better.

      4. Congrats on meeting your goals for this week. I think short term goals are so much more manageable than a long to do list.

        1. Thank you! Short goals are more manageable because you can focus on them one at a time or specific parts of a long term goal.