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Counting Calories With Coca-Cola

Coming 2013, counting calories will be a little bit easier thanks to the folks over at Coca-Cola.  A few weeks ago, I was checking out their new blog, Unbottled, and read about how they are teaming up with the American Beverage Association and the cities of San Antonio and Chicago to roll out their new Calories Count™ Vending Program to assist with the cities' "wellness challenge."   The purpose of this challenge is to encourage city employees and their families to get healthier and shed a few pounds by being both active and cautious of the calories they in-take.

To do their part in helping Coca-Cola will display the number calories in each beverage selection offered in their vending machines.  By doing so, employees can choose the beverage that is just right for them.  These vending machines will be rolled out in San Antonio and Chicago first and will roll out through the US later next year.

See the calories displayed right there on the front of each drink selection

I for one am super excited about this.  My family and I try to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  However, I don't go around memorizing all the calories that are in my favorite drinks and foods.  Having the calories displayed right there in front of me while I'm making my selection will help to me make better drink selections not just for myself but for children as well.  So, keep your eyes peeled for these next year!

Do you think more beverage companies should follow suit?

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I just love Coca-Cola and thought this was great info to pass on!


  1. I do. The last time I went to McD's, I most certainly did reconsider my order choice when I saw the amount of calories in my original choice.

    1. Yes, I love that McD's now has their calories displayed for most of their food now too! I think that a lot of people will be more mindful of what they eat if they actually see what's in it. Fast food and soft drinks are ok but you have to keep track of the calories you're taking in so you burn those calories off.