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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday yall!!  Did you remember to vote for me in Circle of Moms Top 25 Southern Moms?  If not be sure to click on the little button to your right.  This week has been pretty low key.  And I'm very thankful for that because I've needed the time to sort through my hundreds of emails that piled up while I was away.  So, if you sent me a message and haven't heard back I'm getting around to it.

I'm also thankful that we had a great time at my cousin and friend's wedding this past weekend.  It was such a great feeling to be all glammed up and celebrating with my family and friends.  Speaking of friends, I made a new friend at the wedding.  She has her own business that focuses on women empowerment.  You'll be seeing a post about that soon. She's really trying to do something great and I would love it if all my YUMMs would support her as well!

Last night we put Moo in a big girl bed right next to ours and she did well.  She's not quite ready to go to her own room yet, but this is progress.  A part of me is happy that she's making even more strikes toward independence.  However, there's also a side of me that's a little side because soon she probably will be comfortable sleeping in her own room alone.  I'm not going to get too started up about it.  

JJ is becoming more talkative.  I can see that he's learning because he already knows that the remote works the tv, the toothbrush is for brushing teeth or scratching gums and he can take his pants and diaper off.  Not sure if I'm too happy about those last two.  One night while we were at my mom's, I woke up thinking his diaper needed to be changed and he had taken it off already and flung it to the foot of the bed!  Thank goodness he hadn't peed on me.

I'm thankful that fall is almost here!  Summer was good but I'm anxious to see if we'll get some snow and to pig out for Thanksgiving.  I've already started Christmas shopping and wrapping presents.  All that's missing is a fireplace for me to light a few logs in.

Lastly, I'm thankful that my baby sister will soon be a Queen City resident as well.  It's going to feel good to have her just 30 minutes up the road.  And did I mention, she'll be attending the same college I went to?!!  I'm beyond proud of her.  It's not easy to leave a school where you've already made friends and start over again.  I'm confident that all will be ok.

What's on your Thankful Thursday list.


  1. I'm thankful for health once again. All the kids just got through having strep throat along with my husband. I'm happy things are getting back to normal.

    We did the same thing with our first that you are doing with Moo. We actually ended up slowly moving the bed until it was out the door and into her room. Her little sister was already sleeping by herself!

    JJ thinks he's grown!

  2. I haven't done a Thankful Thursdays post in a good while. This definitely inspired me to do that! Right about now I'm just thankful that the laundry is finally done lmao.

    Girl... anxious for snow!??? No no no. Don't say that LOL. I hate the cold and I hate snow :( Ugh. I'm going to miss the Summer dearly.

  3. You know, we did that with our daughter. She has always slept in our room since birth but she has her own bed and the room is divided for us and for her. However, she rarely sleeps in her own bed but has been asking now for her own room. In the next place we move in a few months, she will have her own room. I don't know how well it will work with her moving out of ours and staying. Part of me is sad the other part I cannot wait for the hubby and I to have some privacy..however, the new baby will be in our room LOL we can't win

  4. Amen to
    Fall almost being here...I'm excited!!

  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding. I saw some of the pics and you looked amazing! I'm sad about summer ending soon, but I'm excited about Fall fashion. LOL.