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Thankful Thursday

Hello out there.  I'm back from my mini hiatus!  I'm sorry to have gone missing in action on you all but I was handling some personal issues.  Anyways, things aren't perfect but they're better and I can get back to focusing on blogging and connecting with you all.  So, better way to kick off my return than with Thankful Thursday?!

Where to start....  Well, I'm thankful for the readers who have stuck around and took the time out to check on me.  It means a lot to know that I was being thought of.  I'm also thankful that I got to spend some time with my family back in my hometown.  As of late, I've been really missing us all not being together on a regular basis.

We're getting older and more of us are starting families.  I want to make sure that we strive to maintain our closeness.  I'm thankful that my baby brother had a wonderful 22nd birthday!  While I was at my mom's we threw him a birthday party and got to meet his current girlfriend.  I like her and could tell that she genuinely cares for my brother.

Plus, she can hold her own.  And in a family like mine that's a good thing because they can be a bit in your face and all in your business.  They speak their minds and some of them have no filters. I think that as we get to see her more and she gets to hang out with us more our bond will get stronger.  And she didn't mind answering the tough questions like how she'd deal with her family or friends not approving of her dating outside of her race. (She's not Black.)  

She said that she's already let it be known that she's with my brother and anybody who doesn't like it can kick rocks!  She got major kudos from me for that.  Even though it's 2012 and our president is mixed, there are still a lot of ignorant people out there that don't approve of interracial dating.  I wish her and my brother the best and pray that God protects them from people whose minds have yet to catch up with the times and whose hearts aren't so pure or godly.

I'm thankful that I got the chance to relax and destress.  I was seriously getting to a point where I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed.  I wanted to shut everything and everyone out.  I'm not ashamed to say that I felt like I was falling into barrel of severe depression.  And my mom saw it and called me on it.

Likewise, I was able to be there for my mom.  She's not getting any younger and as of late she's been going through some ups and downs with her health.  So, it felt good to be there to help her feel better, cook, clean and just take care of her.  I love my mom so much and she's such a strong force in my life that I don't know what I do without her right now.  She wasn't 100% when I left but I feel comfortable that we'll get her back on track in no time.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband.  I was on the go for three weeks and he was such a great sport about it.  I love that he understands that my family is important to me and doesn't trip about me up and going when they need me.  And while we're on the subject of the Mr, I have got to up my fitness game and get these last few pounds off.  My love dropped over 15 pounds while I was away!

He's looking even better and feeling better!  I'm happy and proud because this is something he did for himself and his health.  He wants to be around for a long time.  I do too. So, I'm going to make the effort to work out more and continue on my healthy eating track.  I did get off track with drinking my water but I'm starting back today.  Trying to get at least a half gallon down before bedtime.

I'm also thankful that the DNC is being held here in my backyard!  This is such a historical moment for my generation and my kids.  Plus, this has greatly helped with jobs and boosting our local economy.  Regardless of what party you're on Charlotte as a whole has benefited from this event being held here.  And don't forget to get registered to vote if you're not registered!  Don't buy into that lie that your vote doesn't count because it does!!

What are you all thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for amazing parents. They have been taking great care of my little family while we're in transition to our new home. It means a lot to know you can always go back home, even if it is for just a week or two.

    1. Home is such a wonderful place to be! Glad that the move is going well.

  2. Welcome back and I pray all goes well with your mother. We are in the process of moving and I'm so thankful that our transition to the new apartment is going smoothly.

    1. Thank you for the prayers. Glad that your move is going smoothly because moves can really be a pain sometimes.

  3. I am thankful for my mother. If it wasn't for her I don't know what me or the kids would do. She always takes them off my hands when needed. Especially this week, with one being sick, she took the others so they wouldn't get sick too.