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Mind Your Own

"Too many of us are in economic trouble because we haven't been taught the correct way to think about home ownership and mortgage debt."

In Mind Your Own Mortgage, author Robert J. Bernabe strives to show readers how to avoid allowing their American Dream become a disastrous nightmare.  With his take-no-prisoners approach, Bernabe clearly lays out a path for homeowners to take.  He reminds homeowners that "the American consumer is free to choose, and the choices we make carry consequences."  Bernabe makes it clear that despite the recent downward spiral the housing market took, at the end of day the government and banks aren't solely to blame.  Some homeowners got in over their heads and bought into the refinancing tricks, while others just didn't take the time to shop around for better deals.

Broken up into four parts- Get a Grip on It, Shop for It, Manage It and Finish It- Mind Your Own Mortgage is filled with real life examples.  In each section, Bernabe introduces readers to individuals and couples who are faced with difficult choices regarding their choosing, managing and paying off their mortgages.  He walks us through the choices they make, the mistakes of those choices and how they can fix it.  He also provides insider tips as well as tables and charts to help readers better get an understanding of how to the principles and practices outlined in his book.

Honestly, whether you're looking to become a homeowner, car owner or boat owner, this is a must read book.  Also, if you're like millions of Americans and have gotten in over your head on a mortgage or any large debt, this book Bernabe's tips for how to get a handle on that debt will definitely have you on the road to recovery and rebuilding your credit!  Maybe, you've already taken out a mortgage and are managing it fine but are thinking about refinancing.  No worries, he has that covered too.

Pick up a copy of Mind Your Own Mortgage and let Bernabe translate all the corporate jargon into plain English that the average person can comprehend.  Don't go into homeownership blind or put yourself in the position to have your dream lifestyle turned into a horrible nightmare ever again!

Disclaimer:  I was gifted a copy of Mind Your Own Mortgage for this receive.  All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Sounds like a good guide book. The path before, during, and after buying a home can be quite stressing and indeed turn into a nightmare. I think the more prepared you are, the better the process.