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4 Reasons I Celebrate The Fourth

I hope that everyone is having a great Independence Day!  Don't you just love holidays?  I know that we do.    And Independence Day is one of my favorites. Why?

1) Family- I love spending time with my family.  And the holidays make that time even more special.  There's laughter, jokes and tons of picture taking.

2) Food- Anyone who knows me knows that I love food!  Seriously, whether I'm cooking it or eating it, food is definitely something I enjoy to the highest.  And during the summer there's no place I'd rather be than outside firing up the grill.  The Mr was really great in setting the grill up after he got off work this morning.  The wasps had built a nest in it but my loving husband went out there and reclaimed our grill back. Love him!

3) Fireworks- I really like fireworks.  And I'm not just talking about the Katy Perry song.  Something about watching that light show in the sky that just takes me back to happy times from my childhood.  I have some funny stories from my childhood involving fireworks.  Don't worry, nobody was hurt in any of them.

4)Freedom- Who could forget the real reason why we celebrate Independence Day.  Freedom is something that we should never take for granted, especially when in this day and time there are still countries fighting for their freedom.

How are you and your family celebrating the 4th?


  1. Happy Fourth! We have been doing yard work, washing cars and cleaning house. I will be cooking in a bit and we will do a couple fireworks. It's all about family time for us!

  2. All good F-words for sure...hope it was an awesome one today!

  3. Sounds like four great reasons to me! I love fireworks too. And this year, Aiden liked it a lot more than the previous years. He "got" it, ya know? The first time he saw it, he was 2 years old and he was totally confused. He was like "Mommy, we have to call the firefighters." LOL. Kids...