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A Word About Success

My mom has this quote about success hanging on the wall of her office for nearly three years now.  And it seems that just when I'm at a place where I'm about to question whether or not I should throw in the towel, I always end up in her office reading this.  Reading it reminds me that to never give up on my dreams, but to push forward.

It reminds me that success is about hits and misses.  Sometimes what turns out to be truly meaningful in life is not the victories but the struggles it took to reach those victories. 


  1. Truer words have never been spoken.

  2. Sometimes it's about the struggles and the pushes and the back and forths. And then... BAM... success happens.

    1. Exactly! And the struggles make you appreciate the success much more.

  3. That last sentence...my mom just told me that the other day. Very much true.