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Invisible Mommy Seen

Remember, how I blogged about the issues we were having with the group for story time at our local library?  (See this post for a refresher.)  Well, we took a break from story time for the last weeks.  No, those rude parents didn't run me off.  One week I was out of town and then of course last week I mentioned that the Mr had hit a deer.  

Well, this week we were in town and I decided that I wasn't going to let the ignorant behavior of some immature adults run me and my kids off from an activity we love.  Reading and books is in our blood!  Seriously, I busted the seam on the bookshelf in my living room because it has so many books on it.  Anyways, a miracle happened today.

We arrived a few minutes after story time started and when we entered the room guess what happened?  One of the other moms who has never said a word to me or even acknowledged I existed actually greeted me when I came in.  I'm talking about full on smile and everything.  I was a bit in shock but managed to smile back.

I'm starting to wonder if she read my blog post and feels ashamed of her behavior?  Or maybe, it had something to do with our two week absence.  Whatever the case, I prayed long and hard since I first talked to you all about the craziness that was going down.  I prayed mainly because I wanted to give them a piece of my mind and rip them a new one after how they made Moo feel.  I didn't ask God to let them disappeared.

Instead I asked him to soften their hearts and remove their ignorance.  Doesn't that gospel song say "You don't have to move the mountain, just give me the strength to climb?"  Well, I didn't want that mountain to move, I wanted to strength and patience to deal with them until God opened their eyes.

Now, I'm not saying we're out of the woods yet.  However, I'm keeping strong to my faith that they felt bad about how they acted and have time to reflect upon the stupidity of their actions.  Playtime afterwards went much better. All the kids played and none of the parents interfered.  Let's hope this continues.

Do you think it's possible that these parents have turned over a new leaf so fast?


  1. So glad this week was better! Honey, prayer works, so it seems that yours have been answered. And even if you do go back next week and they're back to their old ways, I believe you now have that strength to let them be ignorant by themselves.

    Good for you and Moo!

    1. Yes, prayer does work! And I will most certainly be letting them act ignorant by themselves. I'm not going to lower myself to their level.

  2. I'm going back for the refresher because I missed what happened. But with your last line and the request for patience and eye opening, I'm willing to bet your prayers were answered.

    1. I sure hope that they were. It would be a shame if they reverted back to acting ignorant after being so nice. But no matter what, I'm letting God fight this battle for me.