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I Wanna Thank You

First, I have to give honor and thanks to God for allowing me to receive this great honor.  Without Him none of this would be possible.  My JET Magazine feature is just proof of how awesome He is!  Thank You for such a wonderful blessing.

My JET Magazine Debut
Thank you to my mommy for always being there.  You were the first person to show support and encourage me to write from childhood up to now.  When I came to you and told you I wanted to start a blog you were 100% behind me.  I just to say your love, wisdom and support over the years means more to me than I can ever put into words.  Thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today!

To my wonderful and darling husband, I love you much!  Thank you for taking this ride with me.  Thank you for being supportive, understanding, caring and patient.  You went half on two beautiful children with me.  I cherish you today, tomorrow and forever!

Thank you to my loving angels!  Mommy wouldn't have gotten this honor if it wasn't for you.  Thank you both for loving me unconditionally!  You two are my world and my life.  You saved me when I thought I wasn't worth saving!

You give me so much hope, motivation and inspiration.  Because of you two I feel like I can conquer the world.  Thank you for making me a better person!  I love you two unconditionally and beyond reason.

Thank you to my siblings.  I want to especially thank my baby sister.  Thank you for all the times you watch the kids to give me a moment to focus on YUMMommy and respond to emails.  Thank you for being encouraging and even giving me ideas to write about.  Thanks for all the retweets, Facebook shares, phone calls, etc.  May we all continue to live out dreams and be successful in our rights!

Now to the ladies- Alexandra Elizabeth, Baby Making Machine, Mommy Delicious and The Young Mommy Life- whose blogs I read and inspired me to share my story, thank you for being so helpful!  Thank you for always visiting and commenting on YUMMommy.  Thanks for giving me advice when I ask or just being a sounding board.  To have such wonderful and successful women in my corner means a lot.

Thank you to all my readers.  Truly, you all are the best!  I love it when I get emails, Facebook messages, tweets and blog comments from you guys.  It has been very rewarding to sharing my journey, resources and more with you.  You all are a huge part of my success as well.  I hope that you all will continue to tag along for the ride!

And last but not least thank you to Darralynn and everyone over at JET Magazine! To be featured in such a renown publication and to be named a "Must-Read" is a great and huge honor.   I will be forever grateful!


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes! I'm so proud of you lady -- this is such a HUGE accomplishment. And thanks for the shout out. I hope you know that you inspire me as well :-)

  2. Congratulations. Seeing the five dot.moms was the highlight of my Jet browse!

  3. That's LA-MAZING!!!!!! Congratulations to you!!!! *What an honor*