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I Heart Stuart

I have a confession to make everyone.  I'm in love.  With another man!

It all started about four years ago.  I was flipping through a copy of Bride's magazine.  There they were...the most gorgeous white pumps I had ever seen!  They were elegant, sleek and had just the right amount of bling.

Who would have known that that would be I start my love affair with Stuart.  Stuart Weitzman that is.  And now I can't go into a single store that sells shoes without admiring their Stuart Weitzman selection.  

It's such a rush.  I get butterflies and giddy.  It's at that moment that the tom boy in me takes a back seat and the girly girl me takes center stage.`


Sandals & Wedges

Aren't these just divine?  Do you heart Stuart too?


  1. Love his shoes too! I do some bridal consulting and I am always recommending them to my brides for bridesmaids shoes! Love your style I am now following :)

  2. I heart Stuart as well. He makes awesome shoes! He's totally cheating though. I see him on the red carpet all the time hugged up on other women's feet!