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Saved By The Shirts

Men are always talking about how complicated we as women are.  However, I've found that when it comes to holiday shopping, it's the men who are the most difficult to shop for.  Do you buy them something for the car?  Or do you get them a new accessory for their video game?

And if you're like me, you don't really believe in giving gift cards because it seems too impersonal.  Unfortunately, I sunk to that level of gift card giving one year with my husband.  I had struck out earlier that year with not so good gifts for our anniversary, Valentine's Day and his birthday.  Who knew he would be so picky when it came to gifts?  Whoever, it was, they really left me out of the loop.

I purchased a chair warmer for his car only to never have it get used.  I got him gourmet chocolates before only to find out that he doesn't like chocolate all too much because it breaks him out.  So, it was gift card to the rescue that Christmas.  However, last Christmas I hit the jack pot when I got him two graphic tees.

If I had known all along that a few guys shirts would have put such a lovely smile on his face, I would have been started getting them for him.  So, there will be no running around going crazy over what to buy this year.  I'm saved by the shirts from buying another gift card this year. Can you say excited?!

So is your guy hard to shop for?

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Aeropostale.


  1. It's gift-giving season again, and I'm stumped as to what to get my guy for Christmas. I'm not too good with picking out guy shirts, I guess. I always get the wrong size!

  2. Unless I can think of a suepr dope absolutely glorious gift, I love gift cards. And give them out as gifts. LOL. But the graphic tees are pretty dope.

  3. @Pepper-I usually check one of my husband's shirts before I leave the house to make sure he's still wearing the same size. Men go through stages where like shirts to be fitted one minute and a little looser than usual the next.

    @Alicia-I love graphic tees. Just takes a plain tee to the next level!