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Like A Turkey

Well, Thanksgiving is literally a little over 24 hours away!! Aren't you excited?  We are!!  We're having house guests.  My brother and baby sister will be crashing here at my spot since we're doing Thanksgiving at my younger sister's place.

I'm also running around like a turkey with my head cut off trying to clean up and make sure that everything is straight.  I'm also getting together all my ingredients for the dishes that I'm making.  I have to hunt down a recipe for a pie crust and finish cutting up my collard greens.  While we're on the subject of collard greens, how come the ham bits seemed hella expensive this Thanksgiving?  Anyways, I will still be having some pork dripping to season my greens with.


We're planning on going Black Friday people watching.  I don't buy into the whole savings scam.  You'll find the same things you're getting enticed into buying will be even cheaper the week before and of Christmas.  When I worked in retail, I used to try to share this with my friends who I knew would be racing to store to get something.  A lot of stores will say that they won't get those items back in stock but that's just another ploy to get you to shell out big bucks.

But that doesn't mean that I can't check out the craziness that will be surely going down.  I also have a lovely gift card from Starbucks that I won over at Mrs. AOK's blog.  I will be using it to enjoy some yummy coffee and a cheese danish.

Oh, I enjoyed my few days of being unplugged from the internet.  I had a blast spending time down at my mom's house with her and my niece and seeing the Christmas parade.  And did you all notice the Holiday Gift Guide Posts from last week?

What are you running around like a turkey doing last minute?


  1. I did way too much relaxing today so one I have to make a target run, go the cleaners, wash the cloth diapers, fold some clothes, pluck my brows, do my nails, map out my thrift store hit list, mail my sold eBay items, and pack before we hit the road on Thursday.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. When you get to be my age, (not gonna disclose that you don't run around like a turkey. You delegate :)

  3. I need to get some items for my part of the thanksgiving dinner...enjoy time
    Spent with family!!

  4. I totally ran aroud yesterday to 3 different grocery stores just to complete thanksgiving shopping! I hard time finding cranberry sauce and bell peppers.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! We haven't done any grocery shopping yet!!!!! We are so last minute. Wish us luck. I'm sure there will be some late night runs to the grocery store!

  6. .....I have yet to even start shopping for the food and items I need for tomorrow--and won't be able to do so until much later tonight!! (I guess I *will* be running around like a turkey LOL!!!)

    ~Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. We didn't get our turkey until last minute. Now that I'm back in the house I realize I forgot to get the rolls. Oh well, I'm not going back out.

    Yeah, I think I may ride with my inlaws out to the outlet but I don't plan on spending any large sums of money. Most of the time the aggravation just isn't worth it.