It's beginning to look a lot like... - YUMMommy

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Yes, it's starting to look like Christmas over here!  We decided to get a head start because with my husband's work schedule and chasing after two kids it's easier to get things done when you have the time.

Have you started decorating?


  1. Not yet, I still have fall decorations up in my apartment for Thanksgiving. But the minute we cut that turkey, that tree is going up, and so is all the holiday music. :-)


  2. I need to get on it! I don't even have a tree yet.
    You even have a gift under the tree too!

  3. I am waiting on Thanksgiving day. I got all of our outside decorations today. It's going down!

  4. Not yet. This year I can't wait to decorate because there will be a baby around :).

  5. Oh wow the tree looks so pretty!! I'm far away from it:-)