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It's Almost That Time

Happy 11-1-11 everyone!!!  Yes, it's November already. Can you believe it?  I can't. This year has gone by so fast that it was almost a blur.  Thank goodness for cameras, scrapbooks and journals to keep track of the memories.

Anyways, over here we're getting ready for Thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas!  It's almost time for all of them.  I'm getting ready to be in full on planning mode.  I'm in the thick of making my grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner.  Last year I had to hunt down ham bits and collard greens like a mad woman.  This year I'm buying both early.  I can cut up my greens and stick them in the freezer until I'm ready to start cooking.

And today, I'm going to be designing invitations for Moo's 3rd birthday party.  She's having two parties.  I know lucky her.  Thankfully, I can use the same invite and only have to change the date.  The second birthday party will be a joint party with me.  Yep, we're both December babies.

As if I'm not already going to have my plate full, I have to finish my Christmas shopping.  One year we did stuffed stockings in addition to one main gift for each person.  My family has been requesting that we do it again for years and this year I'm bringing it back.  So, I've been keeping my eyes posted for some good items to stuff in them.

It's going to be hard to sneak stuff for Moo's stocking since she always accompanying me on shopping trips for our alone Mommy-Daughter time.  I might have to sneak out during a nap one day because I've spotted some things I want to pick up.  And speaking of gifts don't forget about the My Memories Suite Giveaway going on.

So, as you can see I'm going to be a very busy mommy this month and well into next month.  I'm not complaining though because holidays are truly magical for our family.  It's the time when we are our happiest and all together cutting the fool.

Have you started any holiday yet?


  1. thank your for your awesome comment today..well said and well said! i have no idea that Nov. 1 brings so much to do!

  2. Oooh you made me realize it's 11-1-11 all ones today!

  3. I am going to start this week. i am going to put up a layaway at Kmart and try to make out the gift list. I would like to be done shopping by the end of the month so I can enjoy Dec. with the family doing fun things instead of fighting crowds at the mall.

  4. Sounds like things are about to get very busy in the YUMM household! But in a good way. Moo gets two birthday parties? What a treat!

  5. @Mrs. Pancakes-You're welcome!

    @Mimi-Yes, I totally feel you about being able to enjoy the family time. Last year, we waited a little late to order some gifts, they ended up lost in the mail and we had to brave the craziness at the stores to hunt down replacements.

    @Alicia-Two birthday parties is a huge treat. Hopefully JJ won't get jealous. LOL