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Gimme, Gimme

Moo has been bitten by the Gimme bug because that's all she has been saying lately.  She knows that we are Santa and hasn't been the least bit shy about telling us what she wants for Christmas.  Just the other day she told me that she wanted "some diamonds!"  Yes, diamonds!!!

Well, clearly diamonds are out of the question but here is the rest of her wishlist.  I haven't promised to get anything but simply told her that we would think about it.  While, she doesn't believe in Santa, I still want there to be an element of surprise as to the gifts she's getting.  Also, I want her to know that Christmas is not about the getting but giving and celebrating Jesus' birthday.

Leap Frog Reading Tablet. (Ok, I want her to get this one)

Stroller and Diaper Bag Set

Dora Kitchen

Pucci Pup

Disney Princess Costume & Doll Set
I'm not going to lie, she has pretty good taste in gifts.  And a few of these are currently on sale.  Who's knows. I may have to get her one of these for her birthday which comes before Christmas.

Thank goodness JJ doesn't really get the whole toys concept yet. LOL. 

Have your kids already started their wishlists?

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  1. That dora kitchen is quite expensive. I am thinking about the dog though I like that and it's much cheaper also one of those pillow pet things I might look into.

  2. @Kita-It's on sale for $79 at Target. That's a nice drop from its original $123 price tag though.

  3. Good List Moo! (and Mom!!) How do you juggle her birthday right before Christmas? I have a list started for my daughter and have been taking notes on what she has mentioned she wanted, def want to focus on gifts I know she really wants and will use! I've already bought her BIG gift (which is a gift for me too) last month, and have picked up a couple of items at Target that were on sale. My plan this year is to get stuff little by little and pay attention to sales!!

  4. @Mommy Glow-We both have bdays next month. LOL. We just get her one nice gift for her birthday and do a party. We try to keep it low key. So, that's worked but when she gets older I'm sure that will change. LOL

  5. Fun list! My little guy has started letting us know what he wants... everyday : )
    My girls had the old Dora Kitchen and it was cute. They had so much fun with it... I think Moo will too-- if she gets it.

  6. Yup, my daughter is doing this too. I can't have a catalog that comes in without her taking it and telling me what she wants. I keep asking her, what is she going to do with a man's jacket. She says, wear it, it's cold. Umm, yeah..

    Overall, these are pretty good ideas for gifts!

    -Kalley C

  7. Hi YumMommy! Just found you on the SITS Girls forum and came to check out your blog. Very cool design - I love the colors. As for the Christmas gifts, doesn't it seem like it starts earlier every year? Retailers are not helping us parents by sending out their catalogs in October! Come find me if you get a chance:

  8. Please don't get the stroller and diaper bag toy. IMO its the worst toy ever. What a message to send and when they come home with an actual baby before their time....what then? Just saying.

    I love the leap frog reading tablet....very educational.

    Swap the stroller for a book.

  9. @Mrs. AOK-Thanks. I think we might go ahead and get it.

    @Blogging While Nursing-LOL. Those magazines are the start of the madness.

    @MsConnie-Thanks for visiting. I actually don't mind getting a head start on holiday shopping. There's more of a variety to chose from and I don't have to fight angry Christmas shoppers.

    @EK13-We will probably swap the stroller for something else since she already has two. I'm not worried about her playing with strollers sending the wrong message. I think it's a harmless enough toy compared to some others out there. Thanks for stopping by though.

  10. Those are great choices. Aiden is getting three gifts from me and a few stocking stuffers. That's all. I'm not getting him a whole lot of presents. I'm getting him used to the idea that the holidays are about family and giving, not getting loads of gifts (from My MOM and SIS, on the other hand, can get him as many presents as they like. lol.