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Fit For Tea

When it comes to children's clothing, I like to buy items that look fit for tea.  It doesn't matter if we're going to the park, shopping or to church, I just have make sure that Moo and JJ are looking their best.  After all, you never know what opportunities might present themselves.  First impressions are everything.

And with Christmas coming up, I can truly that say that I won't be one of those parents fighting over the last doll baby.  With Moo seeming to outgrow her tomboy stage, I figure now is the perfect time to start investing into more girly pieces for her wardrobe without having to worry about her ripping something from rough housing.

Love this shoe!!

Likewise, I think now is a good time to enjoy dressing JJ up because he's still a baby and he can only get into what I let him dig with.  So, now is the time that I don't have to worry about him destroying his clothes.

How cute?!

This holiday season why not cut back toys and invest in sprucing up your little one's wardrobe.

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  1. Now these are what I call children's clothing..lovely

  2. I like this. Only recently I have been taking stock of my clothing choice and my daughter's clothing choice. So I really like these items that you picked out. --KalleyC

  3. Those outfits are so cute! Aiden would not be having it if he opened presents on Christmas morning that weren't toys. He's just not into clothing as much as he is into toys. LOL

  4. @Mrs. Pancakes-LOL

    @Kalley-Thanks. I like the what the Tea Collection is all about period. The clothing is age appropriate and classic.

    @Alicia-LOL. Yea, I think JJ will be the same way when he gets older but for now I'm taking advantage of the fact that he just loves ripping up paper and not so much worrying about the gift.