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Back At It Again

We're back it again folks!  House hunting that is.  It's been decided that we'll stay put in the Queen City for a few more years and then we'll decide where we want to settle down forever.  So, the other night I was looking at houses because we are officially blowing this current spaceship this upcoming New Year whether we've  bought a house or not.   I was looking at rentals, homes for sell, rent to owns, you name it.  

Anyways, my husband shared with me a house that he's interested in.  And to be honest, I was expecting not to like it.  Not that he doesn't have good taste but I'm just super picky when it comes to a place that I'm going to have to live in.  And of course you all know about the issues we've had to endure with this current spot.  So, that has made me even more picky.  

Well, guess what, I like the house!!  I haven't seen it in person yet but we're going to take a look this weekend. However, I saw pics and immediately my mind went to decorating the place and thinking of how to make it our own.  Plus, once I saw that it had stainless appliances, a fireplace, a huge fenced in backyard and a storage shed for me to put some tools, I was sold.  

Cabinets will be the first thing to get made over in this kitchen.

It has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a huge separate laundry room with shelving and plenty of space for me to grow my stockpile and have an official office.  It even has a flag pole outside.  I'm hunting down some cute flags to put up.  Thinking about getting a flag made with our family crest on it or maybe I could flags for the different seasons and holidays. 

See the flagpole there?

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I'm already too far gone with excitement over the possibilities.  A house to call our own would be the perfect Christmas gift.  So, YUMMommy family, I'm asking that you all please pray for us and that everything will work out in terms of us getting this house.  This is only the second house I've actually fallen head over heels for and I would be heartbroken a little bit if we didn't get it.  However, I would also take it as sign that wasn't the right place for us too if we didn't get it.

Anyways, do you have any house hunting tips or brief stories to share?  I use some advice guys.


  1. Praying for you all! That would be the most wonderful Christmas gift! My advice: the perfect home for you is out there, do not settle or get tired looking at houses because once you're in, that's it.

    I settled with our home just because it was cheap to the max. I do not even know if we can sale it when the time comes.

  2. Prayers going up! I love the kitchen! And who doesn't want space to have a stockpile!

  3. Nice I hope you get this house. We have to figure out where we want to settle before our LO reaches school age. NYC school system isn't too great

  4. Aww having a house before the holidays would be such an awesome feeling! Good luck with the plans!

  5. Good luck! Claim it and it will be yours.

  6. Take your time. Don't compromise on the major things you want. You will regret it later.

    Praying for you. Hoping everything works out. We all know what is meant to be will be. I hope this house is meant for you and your family!

  7. This house looks great! Shoot, it makes ME want to move there. LOL. Sending a prayer up for you guys that it'll all work out :-)

  8. Thanks everyone! Will keep you posted.