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All I Want For Christmas Is....

I've already started my Christmas Wishlist and here's what's on it:

The sewing machine I have now is a mini one and doesn't do all the cool things that this one does.  Plus, I can download designs and patterns from my computer on to this bad boy.  This is certainly at the top of my list.

This is a reversible grill and griddle.  I gets busy in kitchen and have been slowly building up my collection of appliances to better help me cook for my family and be able to entertain for future dinner parties.

Imagine all the Vlogs I can shoot with this little guy.  Not to mention, this would be perfect for capturing Moo and JJ opening their first Christmas gifts.  I wonder if I can bling this out with some rhinestones?

Being the photographer for our family at all our family events, I need something that will allow me to capture pictures better.  I used to work one of these little guys when I worked in the school system.  They have all kinds of fancy features.

Have you started your wishlist yet?


  1. I think I would love a fancy camera too! Hope Santa delivers!

  2. I haven't started my Christmas wish list yet, but a video camera doesn't sound like a bad idea. Hmm....