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Letter From The Editor


         I know that some of you are probably used to seeing the YUMMommy Weekly as an email newsletter but since my earlier followers can't subscribe because the html for button seems to have some kind of bug I've decided to just post the newsletter as a regular blog post instead.  Hopefully, when Google works out the kinks, we can switch back or not.  

        Anyways, can you all believe that it's almost Halloween?  This month is going by fast and this year has gone by faster.  I'm really glad that I've already purchased costumes for my little ones.  It's going to be a mad house these last few weeks with last minute shoppers raiding out whatever is left.  While I'm looking forward to celebrating JJ's first Halloween, I'm really looking forward to the day after when all the candy goes on sale for 60 to 95% off.  It's already on sale for 50% in some stores here. 

         I plan on stocking up and then using the candy as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  You can get like the big Halloween bags of Skittles and stuff to avoid being stuck with Halloween specific candy.  Plus, Moo and I are having joint parties this year since our birthday is in the same month and two weeks apart.  That candy will come in handy for treat bags.

         I also wanted to mention that I adopted a military base for YUMMommy and its readers to send coupons to. I know that there seems to be this misconception that military families are ballin' and that's not the case.  Prices overseas are double what they are here in the US and these families do not get pay raises to make up for the currency difference.  So, if you buy a Sunday paper and don't use your coupons or if you only use certain coupons and throw the rest away please, please think about sending those coupons in so I can sort them and ship them out to our base.  Also, they can use expired coupons overseas. So, send those in too.

         I'm about ready to mail my first batch of coupons and will be posting about that with pictures.  In addition, next week I will be hosting a giveaway!!  So, you if you love crafting and scrapbooking you will certainly want to check the blog everyday to make sure that you don't miss it!!  And I will be giving away a special prize when YUMMommy reaches 300 readers.  Again thank you to everyone who has been supportive, commenting, reading and spreading the word about YUMMommy.
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  1. What a great idea for your newsletter! Way to
    Go on your ventures!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your newsletter!

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