A Weekend to Remember

I'm back!  Yes, I took a four day weekend.  I needed it because I was starting to feel a little bit burned out from all the projects I've been juggling.  Not to mention, this was my husband's birthday weekend.  So, it was all about the family and us spending quality time together.

Friday was a lazy day for us.  JJ had kept me up most of the night before.  He's teething and wakes up at odd hours now.  We did manage to get out and go pick up some cake mix and stuff to make my husband's birthday cake with.

Saturday, we agreed that it was time to get out of the house.  Since, we still haven't found a second car that fits in our budget and is good on gas the kids and I do spend a lot of time in doors.  Plus, it's kind of hard venturing out with a busy toddler and a baby who is realizing that he too wants to become independent like his older sister.  And of course, I work from home so that too limits the amount of time we get away from the house.

Anyways, we decided to grab some lunch from McDonald's.  Then we headed Uptown.  Let me just say that Uptown  is one of my favorite places to be in the Queen City.  Well that and SouthPark.  If we were rich we'd be living in the thick of one of those neighborhoods.  

I used live Uptown when I was in my dorm.  I have so many memories from adventures up there and I hope that one day my children will have happy memories from there as well.  Anyways, this was going to be JJ's first time out and exploring Uptown.  Moo has already explored Uptown a few times and loved it!

We starting back walking around checking out what was new-The Ritz Carlton, The Epi-Center, etc.  Then we came to the light rail and my husband thought it would be nice to ride it since none of us had been it.  We purchased round trip tickets and hopped on.  

Moo was completely thrilled and smiled the whole ride.  Well, almost because she ended up falling asleep on the way back to the station.

Just being on the light rail gave me a chance to study my family.  Seeing the smiles on their faces warmed my heart.  It just made me realize again the important things in life--spending time your loved ones.

Our ride went smoothly.  Even JJ enjoyed it.  It was the most calm he's been since he started teething.  I felt so blessed to be sharing this moment with not only my husband but our two beautiful kids.  While we don't have it all materialistically, we have it all where it counts the most.

Sunday was another lazy of playing inside and sleeping in late.  Then Monday was the Big Day--my husband's birthday!!  We kept it pretty low key because that's his MO.  I made me him a nice steak dinner and his birthday cake and we chilled.   This is by far one of the most relaxing and best weekends we've had together as a family.

How was your weekend?


  1. Having some time off to spend with family is very important and I am glad you took the time off.
    Welcome back :)!

  2. Moo is a cutie. Glad you had time to relax with the family.