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Thankful Thursday

This week has gone by fast for me.  I have lots to be thankful for starting with JJ turning five months on Sunday.  Yep, my little man is almost half a year old!!  Wow, I can't believe it's been that long since my delivery.  He's grown so much and is so active now.  I promise that an update is coming soon with pics.

Now, let me back up to Saturday.  We had one of the most enjoyable family outings ever. It was so peaceful and simple.  We barely spent any money and had the times of our lives.  Spending time as a family just reminded me that I needed to slow down and get back to the important things.  I was starting to overwhelm myself with projects and get frustrated but God put it back into perspective and I am very thankful that He did.

Then, Monday we celebrated my husband's birthday!!  We kept is low key just like he wanted it but next year we're doing it up big.  I was just thankful that we got to spend his special day together.  And the kids went to sleep early.  So, we got some alone time.

I'm also thankful that my neighbors have been unusually quiet this week.  They are usually loud and always airing their personal business in heated arguments that the entire neighborhood can here.  Thank goodness we'll be flying this coup very soon.

Anything special happen to make you thankful this week?


  1. Those Are all great things to be thankful for!! Especially the neighbors...that would drive me up the wall!

  2. It's the simple things that bring us much joy! I can not believe that JJ is nearly half a year old. Wow!