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Tell Us Something Good: Trip Mama

It's no secret that I want to travel.  Can you believe that my husband and I haven't been on a vacation together since we've been together.  That's almost 7 years!  And now that Moo is getting older and JJ has gotten used to his car seat and being on the go, I would like to start working more on marking off some of dream travel locations off my list.  Not to mention, we're hoping to take a nice family vacation this summer.

Now, we all the price of gas has made traveling more expensive.  It's can cost one person well over $300 to   travel and that's not even including lodging. I mean have you seen the cost of airplane tickets.  And let's not get started on hotels, rental cars, etc.  So, for a nice week long getaway for my family four, we're talking well over $1,000.  I've done the math and it's not pretty.  I could make a small down payment on a car or foreclosed home with the amount it would cost us to travel.

That's why I'm glad that I was introduced to Travel Mama.  They have a one click search feature that will search and compare more than 100 discount travel sites to make sure that I can get the lowest prices for my family.  How wonderful is that?!  No hopping from site to site because they compare with the leading five discount sites.

Also, Trip Mama offers exclusive discounts, deals and coupons.  You can register your email and get alerts on $39 flights and $29 per night hotel stays.  Talk about a steal.  And you all know how much I love a steal. In this economy, you have to be smart with your money.

There's no need to give up family vacations and going places.  So, check out Travel Mama if you plan on traveling for the holidays.  And don't forget to sign up to get their deal alerts.  It's really worth it.  Don't let yourself become a prisoner of the four walls of your workplace and home.  Get out and explore the world, search for adventure and make new memories.

TripMama End of Summer

Be on the look out for future posts about more amazing deals I get from Trip Mama.  We're catching the travel bug this upcoming year.


  1. Just what I needed. I am really excited about this site. Same thing with us. Traveling is quite expensive and unfortunately the Lord hasn't blessed in a way yet that allows us to fly. I am looking forward to seeing what deals this site will provide.

  2. I got something good!! You won! Email me your info and I will send out your gift card.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. This is great..never heard of this!

  4. This is just on time. I've wanted to go on a vacation, or do something with the family, but not willing to drop thousands on just traveling. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Glad this link can be of help to you all.