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Romance Wednesday: In Sickness & In Health

One thing that I can say about my husband is that he loves me in sickness and in health.  That was one part of our wedding vows that I knew he truly meant and would uphold without him evening having to say it.  He's nursed me through the flu twice, food poisoning, morning sickness and a slew of common colds.  He's even gotten sick a few times because he was nursing me back to health.

And when he found out that breast cancer runs pretty common in my family, I will have you all know that every so often he checks in to make sure that I am doing my daily breast exams.  Not only that but he also went so far as to get cancer insurance with his job.  "Better safe than sorry," he said.  Now, to me that's real love.

I just want to say that if you aren't encouraging your spouse to take measures to prevent breast cancer then you should start today.  Don't wait for a doctor to stumble across it or for them to get sick.


  1. Good reminder because I'm guilty of never checking!

  2. I'm melting. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I LOVE LOVE. And while I haven't found my Forever, I love seeing supportive REAL relationships, which is what you & your husband have. It gives me hope, and I'm sure that you feel so wonderful knowing that you have someone by your side, the father of your children, who will always have your back. Who doesn't say things to you just to say them, but actually *means* them.

    Now that's special.


  3. Wow that is love and commitment. Kudos for a such a grand stand of a Husband. #realman

  4. Your husband sounds like a great guy! What a Blessing!

  5. How sweet of him. Congrats on one year and being cancer free!

  6. Cancer runs in my family so I have to be careful about what I eat, exercise, etc. My husband does take care of me when I'm sick...thankfully your husband does the same!