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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  That means it's time to go in for your annual exam if you haven't already.  I seriously urge both men and women to get checked because often times Breast Cancer is a silent killer.  And other times we end up finding out when the cancer is close to if not already in the final stages. Don't forget to do your monthly at home exams and report any suspicious lumps to your doctor.

Also, I encourage you to check some of the sites below for more information on this disease and ways you can help find a cure.  


  1. I really like that you mentioned men in your post. Men are affected by breast cancer also, the number is small but still not worth ignoring the potential risks.

  2. way to give some awareness on your blog!

  3. Breast Cancer really does affect so many of us. So glad so many people are coming together to spread awareness.