Kreativ Like That

Today, I got the Kreativ Blogger Award from my bloggy and Twitter friend Only Laila.  If you haven't been reading her blog, you should.  I also was tagged by Life of TOI to tell seven things about myself.   I thought why not kill two birds with one stone.

The Rules Are
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Complete the form below
3. Share 7 random things about yourself
4. Pass award to other 10 blogs

  • Name your favorite song: Butterfly by Mariah Carey

  • Name your favorite dessert: Twizzlers

  • What pisses you off: People who bully others.
  • When you're upset, you: write.

  • Your favorite pet: Kurt aka My Old Man, Rest In Peace buddy

  • Black or white: All Black Everything.

  • Your biggest fear:  being judged by my mistakes.

  • Best feature: demeanor.

  • Everyday attitude: Live your best life now!

  • What is perfection: Those moments when I stand back and look my family and how they interact with each other.  Makes me feel even more blessed.

  • Guilty pleasure: Reality tv, Kindle books, Sweets

7 Random Facts About Myself

1. I'm looking forward to turning 30 in a few years. (Shocker, I know.)

2. I have an Etsy shop. 

3. I dream of living in New York, Paris and Spain at some points in my life.

4. Fried eggs make me gag. I don't eat them. 

5. I want to start my own fashion line and own a boutique.

6. I bite my nails (sometimes).

7. I want to be an interior designer.


Life of TOI


  1. I used to LOVE twizzlers, but haven't had them in years. And forget Paris and Spain... come to NYC!!!

  2. congrats on the award. Paris is on my list of places to live too. It's GORGE!