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5 Months and Counting

It's hard to believe that my little prince charming is already five months!!  Boy, the time has flown by so fast.  I often find myself just staring him as he sleeps.  It's been a blessing to watch him change and grow right in front of my eyes and not have to miss a minute of it.

So, what's new with JJ.  Well, for starters he's getting to be quite the big boy.  We're up to 18 lbs now.  No, he's not over weight.  Breast fed babies tend to be heavier and their weight levels off once they hit toddlerhood.   The pediatrician and nutritionist say that he's right on target.

We tried rice cereal a while back.  He seemed to like it the first time but has hated it every other time since then.  I'm thinking that maybe he liked the fact that he was getting food in his mouth more than the actual food itself.  I haven't started him any other foods yet.  So, we're back to just breastfeeding only. I'm not wasting money on cereal if he doesn't want it.

I think that we'll start experimenting with baby food after Halloween.  I'm so proud of myself for holding off for this long because as soon as Moo hit four months, people were already feeding her table scraps.  (My family loves food!)  I'm also hoping that by waiting this long, his immune system has built up a little more and will not have as many food allergies as Moo does.

He's got the sitting up in the bouncer seat down.  I used to be able to leave him there and not be in a hurry to go unload the washer or whatever.  Not anymore.  I come back around the corner and he's digging on the floor seeing what invisible dirt specks he can wipe up and eat with his hands.

Now, laundry scheduled around his naps.  He's fascinated by hair.  If he can get close to it, he will pull it. So, Moo is learning to keep her distance. LOL.  And I'm learning to wear my ponytail to one side when we're in the house.

He seems to be outgrowing his eczema a little bit.  We still have outbreaks but not as bad as they were in the beginning.  He's finding his voice.  He can talk for thirty minutes at time now.  I haven't clue what he's saying but I'm sure it's a list of toys he wants for Christmas.

TV is starting to interest him just a little bit.  He's a happy baby by nature (until he gets hungry) and laughs easily.  He hates having his hair combed.  And we're in the thick of teething.  Anything and everyone is fair game for gumming.  I think that he's going to be different and get a back tooth in first since he's always trying to fit his whole teething ring back there.  Not to mention, whenever I rub the back gums with Oraljel, he calms down instantly.  We'll see though.

And speaking of seeing, I know that you all are wondering what my little man looks like now.  Check out the pic below that my sister took at my mom's.

Isn't he handsome?!!!


  1. Adorable!! babies are such blessings!

  2. He's beautiful and the same weight that V is now!

  3. aww, he is precious!!! Love his eyes!
    Time flies right? My youngest is going to be 1 in 2 weeks! ahhhh ;)


  4. They grow up so fast--what a cutie he is!!