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My Weekend WrapUp

This weekend I got to spend time with my husband because he was off.  We didn't venture out because all of a sudden the weather went from being hot on Thursday and warm on Friday to freezing cold Saturday morning.  I kept thinking it would warm up enough to take Moo to the park but it never did.  And Sunday it was just as cold.

However, my husband bundled her up and took her outside to kick around her ball for a little bit in the front yard.  Their playtime was interrupted by our arguing neighbors!!  I can't tell you all how freaking happy we will be when we finally move the hell out of this place.  I get so tired of hearing my neighbors argue and slam stuff around.  It's like if you're not happy then somebody needs to move out.

I did get a break from putting the kids to sleep.  I was glad about that because I was pooped.  I've been working on a freelance project, guest blogging and other stuff.  It felt nice to have a little down time by myself.  I also wasn't as present on Twitter and Facebook.  It felt good to detach a little bit from the virtual world. 

I got to make progress on my kindle reading list.  And Sunday, I was able to work on my coupon matchups.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I went to Blogadelicious where I got to meet some new bloggers and meet some tweeps IRL. I went to a jazz club and had ethiopian food with friends. It was a great weekend. Since I was out, it was a mini vacation from my whack neighbors.