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Motherhood & Fashion: Not Mutually Exclusive

I am very fashion-conscious, and when I discovered I was expecting, I envisioned nine months of tent dresses and frumpy maternity jeans.  I remember when I ripped the belt loop on my favorite pair of jeans and realized that I would have to bite the proverbial bullet and buy maternity clothes.  Surveying my wardrobe, I felt as if I were parting with dear friends.

When I first started looking through the maternity sections of my usual fashion stores, I was disappointed with almost everything I found.  I grudgingly bought a pair of jeans that were completely out of style and a couple of blouses, but was unhappy with these purchases before they were even made.  Then I lucked out at a couple of stores and found some really cute maternity fashions!  I purchased jeans that were comfortable for my expanding belly while still being stylish, and tops that accentuated my femininity, rather than making me look like a walking beach ball in a shirt.

I am a teacher, so professional clothing is a must, but I was able to find slacks and dresses that were not only suitable for my professional environment, but also for going to church on the weekends, where I teach Sunday school.  Maxi dresses are versatile enough to be appropriate for these settings and comfortable for weekend lounging.  I am on my feet all day, resulting in swollen ankles and feet, but I wear flip-flops and sandals most of the time.  Of course, heels are a thing of the past (for now), but I don’t even miss them.

The real challenge is going to come after my babies are born.  I am expecting twins and plan to return to work as soon as I am able, so I need to find fashions that are easy and versatile, and that will accommodate my plans to pump every opportunity I can, which may include at church before or after Sunday school.  Thankfully, wrap dresses are back in vogue, and there are all sorts of post-maternity tops that are designed to facilitate the lives of new mothers.

It used to be that women had three styles from which to choose: before baby, during pregnancy, and after baby.  “Mom jeans” terrify me, and while these are still apparently fashionable in some circles, I am relieved that I no longer have to pretend that I’m still eighteen in order to be stylish. Nor do I have to pretend to be pushing retirement to show up at church. It's fairly widely accepted that women be fashionably dressed for church services. Modesty no longer has to mean a high collar and ankle-length hemlines. Women’s fashion is constantly evolving, and fashions seem to stay in vogue for a lot longer than they used to be. 

Because of this, I am confident that most of my pre-baby clothing will still be in style when I am able to fit into them again.  In the event that I am not able to get back down to my old size, there are cute fashions and respectable professional and conservative styles to choose from in all of my favorite stores.
Becoming a mother is a life-altering event.  My life will never return to its former carefree status, but I am okay with this.  In fact, I am ecstatic at the changes I foresee in my future!  However, my sense of style is not something I am willing to let go of, now or ever, and thanks to a fashion world that is finally taking the needs of mothers into account, I won’t have to.

Tiffany Monaco is an elementary school teacher and mommy-to-be of twins who lives and loves in the deep South. When not teaching, she spends her time blogging, cooking Cajun foods, and doing home improvement projects. Find out more on her blog at: http;// or follow her on Twitter: @tiffmonaco


  1. WOW! Twins. =)
    You will still be fashionable after your children are born, you just have to make it important to you. I think moms loose their style when they put it too far down on the list of things that are important. So I understand it won't be number on the list keep it somewhere that you can reach it. ;) I have one child and I know it is tough, but can be done!

  2. Now mothers have no need to worry since various maternity clothes are designed for all the fashion consious mothers.Since various stores are there that provides cute,stylish and cheap clothes

  3. I love when moms are able to stay true to themselves fashion wise before and after baby!

  4. AMEN! I couldn't agree more. That's one of the reasons I started my blog :)

  5. Great post! I agree, your fashion sense shouldn't be completely lost once the babies come. But this is something I've had to learn with time. ;-)

    Great post - stumbled it!