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Bonding Time With McDonald's

Every family has a place that is THE place for family memories and bonding time.  For me and my family that place is McDonald's.

When I transferred to a new school district, my mom would bring me a hambergur Happy Meal from McDonald's for the first month.

In middle school, my mom would get two apple pies from McDonald's and my siblings and I would split them among ourselves.

My niece celebrated her first birthday party at McDonald's.

One of Moo's first words was McDonald's. (No lie. We have Grandma to thank for this.)

And I'm pretty sure that Moo's first food was french fries from McDonald's. (Courtesy of Grandma too.)

The Evidence

Thanks to McDonald's my brother got the money he needed to go to college. Yep, he won a McDonald's scholarship!

Now, McDonald's has become the spot where I take Moo to make memories.  At least twice a month, just the two of us go to McDonald's and I get her a chicken nugget Happy Meal and we bond.  The smile on her face is enough to warm my heart and let me that she appreciates this mommy-daughter time, especially since JJ was born.

And thanks to @McD_CLTArea, you can start making McDonald's apart of your family memories and bonding experiences.  Today until September 21st, I'm giving away a two McDonald's coupons: (1)-FREE Bowl of Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and (1)- FREE Medium McCafe Coffee to a YUMMommy reader in the NC and SC area.  Use the neat little Rafflecopter form below to enter.

{Disclaimer-All opinions expressed are my own.  I did receive coupons for FREE McDonald's products.}

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  1. While I rarely eat McDonalds, this post almost made me tear up. It's super sweet. What great memories you have made with your family members and McDonalds! Sweetness!