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Thankful Thursday

Today, I have a lot to be thankful for.  Yesterday afternoon my mom got really sick and had to be admitted to the hospital overnight.  It was really scary for me because I wasn't there.  She was home alone with my niece since my baby sister is away at college now.

My aunt called and asked if I heard from my mom and I said not that day.  I had spoken with her the night before and everything was fine.  My aunt told me that she had called them to come take her to the hospital but that she wasn't answering the phone anymore. They were calling to let her know that they were almost to her and needed her to have the front door open.

I began to panic myself.  Immediately, I thought that she might have been passed out.  Then, I wondered if my niece was freaking out.  She's only 6 and my mom has been taking care of her since she was 6 months pretty much.  I frantically called the home phone.  No answer.

I prayed silently as I called her cell phone. She picked up right before it went to voicemail.  My mom was attempting to drive herself to the hospital and didn't even make it five miles from her front door before she had to pull over.  I thanked God that she wasn't passed out and called my aunt to have her come pick my mom up from down the street.

I felt bad about not being able to be there at that moment.  My mom was having severe chest pain, throwing up uncontrollably and she was seriously out of breath.  We thought she might have been having a heart attack.  Her left arm wasn't hurting but we know enough people who've had heart attacks to know that you can't always wait for that sign to happen.

I am so thankful that God watched over her and my niece until my aunts were able to get to her.  I'm thankful that someone was close enough to be able to get to her in a timely manner because I live almost two hours away in another state.  And thankful she gets discharged today.  The doctors say they think she was having a severe case of acid reflux combined with a severe allergic reaction to an insect bite!!

They ran tests, did blood work and gave her a full body scan to make sure that they could rule out a heart attack and stroke.  This has been another wake up call to further push me to cherish the moments with my family.  If acid reflux and an insect bite can cause of that, then I hate to imagine how she would have been feeling if it was really a heart attack.  So, I'm looking forward to going home today and helping her rest.

I'm thankful to have more time to spend with her and this reminder that we need to making the most of our family times.

Have you had any wake-up calls that have made you more thankful this week?


  1. So hard when things happen in our families and we are so far away from them. We have family around the world and it makes it so difficult and heartbreaking in time of need.
    Thinking of you!

  2. Oh dear... I'm so sorry that your mom had to go through that this week, but i am SO, SO happy to hear that everything turned out okay for her. This indeed is a wake up call for everyone to know how important it is to spend more time with loved ones and less time focusing on what's not important.