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Romance Wednesday: Hustle

One of the things that I love and found attractive about my husband is that he's a hustler.  He's gets his hustle and grind on everyday.  No, I'm not talking about the slinging dope or selling crack type of hustle.  Trust me, his hustle is all 100% legal and legit. 

Growing up without his parents having any positive involvement in his life, he pretty much raised himself.  He decided that instead of going down the wrong path like those around him, he was going to hustle in a positive way.  He was going to hustle and make something of himself.  And he did!!  So, I'm sure that a few of you might be familiar with this song below. 

I dedicate it to my hustler-my husband. Thank you for always holding it down for the family!!


  1. I love me a hustler. One thing I love about my hubby is that he will always provide. No need to worry about a thing because he's going to hustle real hard!

  2. Love it! I'm a hustler, I'ma I'ma Hustler : )
    I know what you mean and I agree I love a hustler too ( ;
    Peace & Love

  3. This is a very good trait in a man. Do what you gotta do to get it done! Hold on to that one!