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Romance Wednesday: Candy

Today, I got my husband one of his favorite candies.

Some time it's the small things like doing this that helps to keep a marriage fresh.  It shows your spouse that they're always on your mind and that you do notice the little unspoken things.  


  1. The little things really do count. I remember buying my husband a giant bag of his favorite gummy bears, he loved it! which reminds, it's about time to do a lil somethin for him again : )

  2. : ) I agree it is the little things. I like to leave little love notes in my hubby's car or in his work pants, for him to find. You should see all the post-it notes in his car ; )

  3. Well said!! I love that, recently we were going to the baseball game and I for my husband sun flower seeds because he loves them and he was totally excited and appreciative!!