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Print Craze

Lately, I've been super crazy about prints. I'll admit that my wardrobe is a little blah.  And that just doesn't fly for me.  I'm a fashionista and fashion student. I can't be walking about in all black from head to toe.

So, since I'm revamping my wardrobe (gotta keep it haute), I'm thinking that the best way to incorporate more color is by getting a few bold and unique print pieces.  And you all know me...  I'm not about to break the bank.  That's exactly why I was happy to hear about some of the great deals going on at deLias like:



And here is a sneak peak at some of the items you can expect to see me sporting.  Yea, you can expect more fashion & beauty posts with pics coming soon.  Now on to the clothes.

What do you think of my selections?  Pretty good start huh?


  1. I used to love delia's....maybe i will check them out!

  2. Delia's has the cutest things ever! I'm totally feeling that ruffled one-shoulder top and those color block wedges are EVERYTHING! Love it!

  3. Cute shoes! And I love the third shirt from the top down - Delia's makes some nice stuff. :)

    Stopping by & following from the "TGIF" blog hop. Would love a follow back :-)


  4. Very cute, I've never shopped at Delia's before.

  5. @Laila-I've only shopped there a hand full of times but I'm liking some of their pieces.

    @Guitar Trump-Thanks for stopping by.

    @Alicia-The wedges are showstoppers.

    @Mrs. Pancakes-Please do check them out. They do accessories and purses too.