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Romance Wednesday: Relaxation

Let's face it any lasting and healthy relationship takes work.  And sometimes that work can add stress to an already stressful situation.  I've learned that the best way to deal with that stress is through relaxation.  Often times as couples we forget to take a break from our issues and frustrations.  Then some of us end up in divorce court or worst.

What I learned from the year I took apart from my husband was that when we were stressed or irritated, we kept all those feelings bottled up.  We didn't let go (or at least I didn't).  I'm the type of person who tends to internalize most of my feelings and emotions.  Then I end up reaching a point where I explode.

Well, I just came to the conclusion that I was tired of walking around with a build up of anger.  My husband used to always tell me to relax.  He pointed out that I was always either on the go, working, helping others or worrying about problems that I couldn't fix.  Needless to say I am finally taking his advice after all these years.

Now, I take time to slow down and enjoy some relaxation before I hit rock bottom.  It can be reading a book, writing on my blog, a walk at the park, a trip to the mall or a visit to the nail spa.  And likewise my husband takes time to enjoy himself.  

Don't get so caught up in relationship drama that you let the drama become your relationship.  Take a timeout from everything and relax!


  1. Well said my friend! I finally remembered to join you along for Romance Wednesday!

  2. I whole-heartedly agree!! I'm a new follower from TGIF. Hope you'll stop by and follow back. :)

  3. I completely agree!! I love reading! Try Goodreads!!

  4. You are right! When I get wound up I give myself 10 min. I can either be mad, or spend that time coming up with a resolution after that let it go. Relaxation is so important, just few minutes can do wonders.

  5. Great advice. I would also like to add that men and women process things different, so we need to allow each other the opportunity to regroup and gather our thoughts in our own unique way.
    Also, relax and try to let the stress go. I know it is easier said than done, but the benefits are worth it.

  6. It really does make a huge difference when a couple makes time for themselves and each other.