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Tell Us Something Good: Happy 5 Weeks

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I haven't done one of these in a while.  But let's just get right back into.  This week I am glad to announce that JJ turned 5 weeks old!!!  Yes, my little man is no longer a newborn.  He is well on his way through infanthood and I am beyond excited to see how changes.

So, he's doubled his weight.  I have my lovely boobs to thank for that.  They've done great at producing some really yummy milk for him.  I was a little bit afraid that after having nursed Moo for almost two years, that I would have trouble building my supply back up.  Not so though.

He's gotten used to his bassinet.  Although, he picks and chooses the nights he wants to sleep in it.  Regardless, he some how always ends up in bed snuggled next to me at some point.  And I kind of love it because I get to wake up looking into his beautiful brown eyes.  Plus, I have my own personal alarm clock.

He prefers to sleep slightly on his side instead of flat on his back.  We've tried several times laying him down on his back and somehow he always ends up on his side.  It's a little bit scary because I wonder if he's strong enough to just keep rolling over on to his face.  Thankfully, his chubby little body won't allow him to do that.

JJ has a bad habit of pulling his own hair.  He even does it in his sleep.  So, I've started to put socks on his hands.  I tried mitts but they were snug enough around the wrist to stay on.  Thankfully, the socks don't seem to bother him.

In fact, he's not a fussy baby at all unless he's hungry, tired or has gas.  He's pretty low maintenance which is more than I can say for Moo.

Another good piece of news is that I got my first freelance piece published on Yahoo!  It was very exciting.  I applied thinking I was going to write one piece and actually got approached to write something totally different.  I was nervous because I was sure it was going to come back with lots of edits but to my surprise it got published in less than a few days.

So, now I'm working on some more freelance opts that are in my assignment box from Yahoo. Be sure to comment, retweet, share on Facebook this article.  I'm proud of it and look forward to growing as a write.

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  1. Wow! That is something good. Congrats on your new opportunities with yahoo. MMy little one pulled her hair out until age 1.5 and nothing I did worked. I'm glad the socks are working for you.

  2. My girl was a hair puller too. Upset. Cry. Pull hair. Cry louder. Repeat.

    Congratulations on your yahoo good news. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  3. Happy 5 weeks to your little guy!

    My daughter was a side sleeper too...but we purposely put her on her side because she barfed all the time and I was afraid of her choking. I'm sure he will be fine on his side, but if you're worried, get one of those sleep positioners. It will keep him from rolling all the way over.

    I never liked those mitts either. My kids both clawed themselves like crazy, so I put socks on their hands too!

    Congratulations on your Freelance piece! Yay!

  4. Congrats on getting published! That's awesome! And I'm glad to hear that JJ is doing well!