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Hanging With Grandma

Sorry that I have been missing in action.  I am down at my mom's and the kids are enjoying hanging out with Grandma.  She had been complaining about how she hadn't seen them in so long. Plus, she needed my help with something. 

Anyway, we're here and loving being around family. JJ is quite the celebrity. LOL. Everybody is so taken with him.  They can't believe how big he has gotten since they saw him last.

We have been having some challenges though.  It seems that my little man has developed colic.  I googled it and found out that a change in environment can trigger it.  And this is certainly a change in environment for him.  There's more noise, action, etc.

I have been trying gripe water.  It did well that first night but not so much the next.  So, we have been having some major crying sessions.  One of my aunts suggested that I blow smoke down his shirt over his belly.  I am not the least bit keen on that solution. 

I have seen it done before though.  My mom and her sisters were raised using a lot of Native American remedies instead of medicine because their grandmother was Indian and that's how she raised their mom.  When I posted this suggestion of Facebook and Twitter, I got a lot of people calling my aunts crazy.  However, the use of smoke whether from burning herbs or tobacco was and is still a huge part of Native American traditions.

I am not exactly comfortable with those traditions but I don't knock them because they worked.  I simply realize that I will have to pick and choose which traditions to use with my family. I want to expose Moo and JJ to as much of our family culture as possible.  Hopefully, you all will have some suggestions on what worked to help with colic if your baby ever experienced it.

Being at my mom's means that I am away from my hubby.  I miss him and can't wait to get home.  This is the hard part about living in a different state than your family.  Anyways, I am going to announce the winners of the Country Bob giveaway tomorrow.  I wanted to try to do it in a vlog but my mom doesn't have a webcam and I left my  laptop.

Hope that you all are enjoying your summer still and had a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. Granny time is so special and beautiful. It's amazing how children know that grandma is their second mother from the beginning. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the stay.