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Return of the Moo

Yay,  I am so glad to have my Moo back home!!  I've missed her like crazy. Sounds weird considering I just gave birth almost a week ago, but it's true. I thought that I would be so occupied with JJ that I wouldn't miss her as much.  Not the case.

Every day she called to tell me good morning and blow kisses to her baby brother and she called me at night before she went to bed to see how my day went. I know Moo is so thoughtful. That's one trait I hope she never loses as she continues to get older.

Anyways, I was beyond thrilled to see her when I pulled up to my mom's house.  I couldn't believe how big she looked.  Being away from her for five days made it seem like I'd been away from her for a lifetime almost.  Even the hubby commented that she looked bigger and different some how.  Not sure if it's possible but it could be.

We're now back home and Moo is more than taken with our new bundle of joy. She has already told me a million times how cute he looks.  And at the slightest sound she runs to check on him and make sure he's ok.  She's dying to hold and rock him but we have to help practice being gentle first because she's a little bit rough.

I'm really glad that she's not being standoffish towards him because that was one of my biggest fears.  They had a little time to bond in the hospital, but with her being away for those couple of days I wasn't sure if she was going to relapse.  I've read about a few new moms who've had babies recently and the older siblings weren't as receptive.  So, I feel really blessed that it has been the complete opposite with Moo.

Our challenge for tonight is figuring out how to co-sleep with two kids.  I'm still trying to get JJ used to sleeping in his bassinet. So, here's to hoping that tonight goes smooth.  Thankfully, the hubby has been great with keeping Moo occupied and is putting her to sleep as it is now after 11 and way past her bedtime.

Still engorged and in a little pain, but making an appointment with my lactation specialist for next week. I've tried pumping, the cabbage leaf thing, cool compresses and tonight I'm going to try using warm compresses.  I tried hand expressing milk in the shower and nothing would come out.  Of course, I wasn't even thinking about hooking up the pump and using it in the shower. Electricity and water don't mix.

So, please pray that I get some relief soon. I remember being engorged with Moo but it was gone by that third day.  Anyways, I'm off to pump and put on a warm water bag.  Good night!!


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  2. So nice you've got your moo back home! x

  3. I haven't got kids yet but you describe your motherhood in such a nice, warm way ! Congrats on having two wonderful kids =)
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